Perfect Dried Floral Bouquets For Homes During Diwali This Year

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Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating! Diwali is celebrated every year during the lunisolar month of Kartika. Diwali is the festival of lights and is marked by many people worldwide.

This Diwali, we want to show you how to decorate your home with our sustainable dried flowers. Choose from a vast array of gorgeous florals, perfect for decoration and ideal gifts this Diwali. We have the ideal dried floral bouquet for you to celebrate the colours of the festival. 

Perfect For Decoration

Like A Crisp Fall

Our vibrant Fallen Leaves preserved flowers will be the idyllic decoration piece in your household this Diwali. This bouquet's bright orange and red tones are ideal for a festival celebrating light. Our assortment of foliage will add to the vibrancy of your dining table during your celebrations of Diwali. Your guests will be in love with this dried floral bouquet. We recommend the large option, giving height and definition to your decorated home.

Magical dried floral bouquet in a dapper golden vase
Fallen Leaves Flowers

The stunning arrangement would perfectly blend well with Diwali decoration in our jam jar sizes too. So, we provide you with the jam jars and, you arrange your sustainable florals how you see fit.

This arrangement can be used throughout the year, or you could have them stored away for Diwali the following year. You will be able to spread out this colourful assortment in your home in your hallway, living room or dining room. The bright red and orange tones of this bouquet represents the colour of light. You perfectly fit the celebration behind Diwali.

Sunset Inspired

This bright red arrangement with subtleties of yellow is also an excellent choice for decoration in your home for Diwali. Carefully handmade to perfection for occasions like this, Summer Heat will add that missing piece to your home this year on Diwali.

That is another fantastic and majestic piece to add to your home with high ceilings. The deep red colours are softened with autumnal tones in the background. You are allowing this arrangement to blossom in your home.

Diwali is full of vibrant colours, mainly yellow, orange and red. So such an arrangement like this is an ideal choice for decorative purposes. It will symbolise the colourful palette that we see in Diwali every year.

Divine dried floral bouquet placed next to a fireplace
Summer Heat Blooms

Perfect For Gifting


Our rainbow dried flowers Paradise is a beautiful choice to gift to a loved one during Diwali. The many colours of this arrangement are an ideal choice for Diwali and will brighten anyone's day when you gift it to them.

The stunning large arrangement is organised in the shades of a rainbow giving off that majestic illusion. That way, you are perfectly replicating the colourful nature of Diwali. We would recommend this bouquet for gifting this year as, during these autumnal months, this bouquet will bring in some colour to your home. Letting you celebrate Diwali in style.

Majestic dried floral bouquet in dapper vases
Paradise Flowers

We would also recommend this dried floral bouquet t in a medium-size, which spreads the colours in a mixed assortment rather than a colour order one like the large size. Gift this to anyone who will appreciate the varied look of this colourful bouquet in their home at Diwali.

The pink and purple tones are also representatives of Diwali. The shorter arrangement is ideal for homes with smaller hallways or smaller dining tables as it elevates your home without taking up a mass amount of space.

Gorgeous dried floral bouquet in various colours
Paradise Preserved flowers

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You can order Same Day Delivery London now for last-minute decorations or gift ideas. If you are waiting to begin your celebrations this weekend, then our 4 pm Next Day Delivery option is available to you to decorate your home on time for the weekend. Or maybe put a smile on a loved one's face during your visit. If you have chosen your Diwali flowers and want more inspiration for using them on other religious occasions, like Christmas, click here!

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