Congratulations on your Engagement with Flowers

Congratulations on your Engagement with Flowers

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A marriage proposal is ultimately an unforgettable moment for everyone. It marks the start of a magical new chapter of your life—a portrayal of one’s commitment and compassion to the other. Since no proposal is complete without flowers, we have the best congratulations on your engagement flowers. Our delicate Roses are the ultimate option to make your proposal more extraordinary. They come in fourteen elegant colours that match different personalities and events. Furthermore, each rose is symbolic, making your congratulations flower arrangement more personalised.

They come in a wide assortment of packaging too. From classic and suede to squared and round boxes, your congratulations bouquet is completed with beautiful infinity roses. They are also long-lasting, allowing you to appreciate this memory for years. Of course, they will also match whichever theme or idea you have in mind for your magical day. But which flowers to choose from depends on the messages you want to portray through them.

Here, we have listed our top five ultimate congratulations on your engagement flowers.

1. Classic and Vintage

If you are searching for timeless congratulations flower arrangements, choose our Red Roses. Known as the colour of romance, red also portrays compassion, desire, and energy. It is also a good option for eye-catching congratulations on your engagement flowers. In addition, the colour provokes confidence and religious events, making it ideal for this occasion.

For an enduring arrangement, consider arranging the red infinity Roses with white ones. The white colour will add connotations of purity and new beginnings to the flowers.

The colours are used for weddings, making them suitable for proposals or engagements.

2. Warm and Feminine

For a feminine and welcoming congratulations flower arrangement, think of the Peach Infinity Roses. Commonly used in weddings, peach colour characterises energy, optimism, and enthusiasm. It suggests sentiments like stimulation, communication and has an uplifting effect too. Pink is also a popular colour at weddings. Not only will it add a feminine accent to your flowers, but it enhances playfulness, and kindness too. It also comforts, nurtures, comforts, and sympathises. Together, this combination is perfect for those planning a destination proposal.

Delightful peach roses infused with warm and subtle colours
Peach Blooms in Rose Boxes

3. Tranquillising and Sophisticated

Proposals can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. So, for a congratulations flower arrangement that is luxurious, choose the Blue Roses. These Roses will be an excellent choice for a springtime proposal. Light blue is a calming, soothing, and dependable colour. It also implies security and responsibility, making it a good choice for weddings. To add a luxurious touch to the flowers, the lavender Roses are great. It also has spirituality, religion, and femininity. 

4. Exciting and Traditional

To mark this celebratory occasion, go for the Champagne Roses. These flowers will suggest comfort, excitement, and celebration. It is a colour of class, modesty, and sophistication. These Roses are also great for those who have a ‘larger-than-life’ personality. It boosts and inspires many positive sentiments. To add a purity, innocence, and new beginnings hint to the flowers, consider the white Roses. Together, they will form fashionable and traditional engagement flowers.

Exciting Champagne blooms bursting with revitalising colours
Champagne Roses in Rose Boxes

5. Faithful Friendship

For those searching for flowers that resemble friendship and romance, look no further than our yellow roses. The colour will denote friendship, happiness, and warmth. That makes it an optimal choice for couples who were friends before they became a pair. The peach flowers will include a decisive touch to your arrangement too. It evokes excitement, socialisation, and communication. To add a feminine touch to the flowers, think of peach blossoms alongside the yellow. They are an excellent choice for those with happy, energetic, and warm personalities.

Our Roses, for Every Romantic Occasion

We create our elegant Roses using a careful preservation method. What makes them all the more special is that they last for years, not days, allowing you to enjoy memories for longer. They are great for any romantic occasions you may have, from anniversaries to weddings. So, if you have chosen your proposal flowers and your anniversary is coming up too, click here to read more about our flowers for a memorable anniversary.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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