3 Bridal Bouquets for Uncommon Wedding Destinations

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A destination wedding is a unique event, and the location should be just as special as the occasion. Here are three less known destination wedding locations we have learned about from a few of our exclusive brides we have worked with to design their wedding flowers, along with a suggested bridal bouquet.

In this article, we'll tell you a bit more about these locations and the flowers we matched to them:

  • Lake Blausee, Switzerland: Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Lake Blausee is a stunning natural setting for a destination wedding. For a bouquet that complements the ethereal beauty of the surroundings, our "Love Forever" bridal bouquet features luscious evergreens and delicate flowers beautifully arranged in the middle with preserved stems like Eucalyptus.
  • The Fjords, Norway: The dramatic landscapes of the Norwegian fjords provide a breathtaking backdrop for a destination wedding. To echo the natural majesty of the surroundings of such a location, we have suggested to our brides our "Wild Love" bridal bouquet. This wedding bouquet is for brides who are passionate about nature and seek a natural lifestyle. The splendour of the outside world inspired our florists to design this luxury bridal bouquet. This bouquet allows you to bring the wildness of natural flowers to the wedding aisle. With its inclusion of rare flowers and trending foliage, every bride can relish its connective roots to the outside world in all its beauty.
  • Kyoto, Japan: Kyoto is a renowned cultural centre. Its rich history and traditions make it a uniquely beautiful place to exchange vows. For a bridal bouquet that pays tribute to Kyoto's heritage, "Bridal Blush" is the wedding flower arrangement for you. This Collection is an enduring, uniquely vintage-styled line of dried flowers, featuring the Bridal Bouquet with a strong character. These eco-friendly forever flowers feature cool, blushing pink tones. This Bridal Bouquet is a classic arrangement designed by Amaranté for those brides with a fantasy of combining their charm with the wedding they have always desired.

A Winter Wonderland Wedding Setup  

Weddings in the cold season can provide a winter wonderland background landscape that will take your breath away. You may want to consider incorporating white in your wedding flowers for an extra touch of elegance and gracefulness during this period when colours are at their most beautiful! Let's take a closer look at these locations and their affinity with our flowers for weddings.

Lake Blausee, Switzerland

Lake Blausee, Switzerland, is heaven like location all year round. It is as beautiful in Winter as it is in Summer. The crystal blue waters of this lake would make for an elegant background wedding setting.

When looking for dried flowers for a location like this, the Love Forever wedding flowers perfectly match this location's aesthetic. When the snow has settled and looks pure and clean in the cold winter months, these flowers will perfectly fit this out-of-the-ordinary Winter Wedding. This landscape's background is very regal, a winter oasis.

Luxury bridal bouquet with large white roses and brown tones, for the bride seeking less traditional colour schemes for your wedding flowers
Love Forever Bouquet

This luxury bridal bouquet featured large white roses will to blend with the surroundings. This bouquet fits within the snowy landscape in the background and the deep blues of the lake.

When planning a Winter wedding, the location adds depth and definition to your theme. You want every detail to work, making your bridal bouquet vital to your theme. These wedding flowers are ideal for a Winter wedding in Switzerland, but they are also perfect for the cold weather. For three years, these forever flowers will live on long after your wedding day if kept away from direct sunlight and distant from air conditioning outlets.

Fjords, Norway

If you want to pick a mountainous location for your wedding but do not want a Summer landscape, go for the Fjords in Norway. This landscape provides a dry cold Norwegian aesthetic for Scandinavian interiors and landscapes enthusiasts alike.

The subtlety of the colours makes this background a perfect match with Wild Love as Winter flowers for your wedding. These wedding flowers carry the ideal tones for a Scandinavian wedding. The greenery of the mountainous region in the landscape paired with a white wedding dress allows these florals to complement this scenery beautifully.

A Luxury Wedding Bouquet for winter weddings, with wild greens surrounding beautifully arranged delicate flowers.
Wild Love Bouquet

The Fjords are incredible locations to plan your wedding with beautiful spots for your wedding photoshoot.

This winter wedding bouquet symbolises meadows and the wildness of Mother Nature. We designed these wedding flowers for the bride with a passion for nature making this bouquet ideal for a location like Fjords, Norway.

Kyoto, Japan

If your wedding takes place in a winter wonderland like Kyoto, Japan, you'll want to consider the wedding bouquet from our Bridal Blush collection. The white snow creates a magical background setting which these florals complement.

Furthermore, the architecture in Kyoto creates a beautiful contrast between the snowy background and the red buildings. This contrast allows a wedding flower arrangement like this to be a perfect companion for your Japanese wedding. It's an ideal choice as these forever flowers won't wither in the cold as they are already dried and preserved.

A Luxury wedding bouquet that features vintage wedding flowers in a Timeless Dried Flower Bouquet that will add elegance and style to your wedding as you walk down the aisle. A traditional and timeless wedding bouquet that adds an elegant touch without being too overbearing for any bride's taste.
Bridal Blush Bouquet

This floral bouquet is an ideal winter bridal bouquet as they characterise the famous Japanese blossom trees. So even when it's cold, this luxury bouquet will bring spring to your wedding.

The blushing pink roses that are the acclaimed infinity roses will make this arrangement an everlasting memory to keep in your home. These forever flowers will add the exact amount of blushing pink you want for a winter wedding in Kyoto or elsewhere. This famous Japanese city makes for a beautiful location, and the flowers from our wedding collection are a perfect match.

Eco-Friendly Flowers for Destination Weddings

Going green is a great option when picking a bridal bouquet for a winter wonderland wedding, be it in the UK or anywhere else globally. Eco-friendly flowers are a breath of cool fresh air. They are a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers that would wither away shortly after your special day. These luxury bridal bouquets will complete your wedding theme.

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