The Meaning of Each Rose Colour

Roses are more than just eye candy. Each colour has a different meaning which can be important when gifting a box of our Infinity roses.

Amarante Rose Colours


Red roses that are dark and bold promote passion, love and desire. It’s the most popular “I Love You” rose!


Wine (Maroon or Deep Red) roses have a deep and rich colour that signifies passion and elegance.


Pink roses evoke emotions of femininity, cuteness and elegance. 


Bold orange roses scream desire, energy and excitement, making them great for a bubbly personality.


Peach roses can be used to symbolise modesty, honesty and appreciation.


Yellow roses used to symbolise joy, friendship and good luck.

Light Blue

Blue roses represent mystery, wonder and uniqueness. They are perfect gifts for someone who is independent.


Purple is an enchanting colour that conveys a feeling of charm, majesty and grandeur.

Mint Green

Green roses signify fertility and rejuvenation, signalling the start of a fresh new beginning.


White roses have a bridal appearance which promotes innocent, purity and everlasting love.


Champagne (or cream) roses represent charm, thoughtfulness and grace.


Black roses are mysterious. They can also stand for confidence and renewal.