Majestic Congrats Flowers for Remarkable Graduation Party Décor

Majestic Congrats Flowers for Remarkable Graduation Party Décor

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Graduation ceremonies might have been delayed, but our social lives are slowly moving back to normal! There is no time better than now to host your dream graduation party with the best congrats flowers. With that comes the exciting process of planning your theme and party décor. We offer you a range of exotic and fragrant preserved flowers that will be the ultimate congratulations bouquets to complete your event.

Flowers are a common and popular choice for parties. Now more than ever, many are opting for dried flowers for decoration as an alternative to balloons. Why? Simply put, preserved flowers add a natural accent to any theme you have in mind—whether it be modern and classy or bohemian and country.

We offer a wide assortment of flowers in a variety of colours, sizes, and packaging. They will surely be crowd-pleasers and even an excellent photograph corner in your venue. What is better is that they are longer-lasting, meaning you can enjoy them for years, no days. Not only will they fit any theme, but any venue or room size you have in mind.

We have listed our top five best congrats flowers for the best graduation décor and different themes.

Classic and Neutral Congrats Flowers

If it’s a rustic and timeless theme you are after, consider the gorgeous congrats flowers in Bleached Haze. This congratulations bouquet will imply significant and symbolic messages in classic white and tender, creamy beige colours. The two colours suggest new beginnings, kindness, and romance too. They evoke emotions like calmness and simplicity. These preserved flowers are the ultimate choice if you don’t want anything over the top and prefer modesty.

The stems in this collection include Bleached Peacock Feathers, Natural Lagurus, Bleached Protea, and more! Together, they symbolise pride, glory, beauty, and diversity. This collection is available in three unique sizes of small, medium, and large.

Courageous and Dangerous Congrats Flowers

If you have graduated in the medical field and want to portray this at your party, choose the fragrant Adore You flowers. Embellished with fiery red colours, these stunning flowers will surely catch everyone’s eyes. The colour implies love, romance, and danger. It can also represent courage and compassion, which is a trait popular amongst those who practice medicine. These blossoms will evoke sentiments like energy, passion, and power. Blooms featured in this array include Red Eucalyptus, Cinerea Eucalyptus, Mini Spear, and more. Together, they will suggest resilience, purity, and balance—these are all classic characterisations of the hard work it took to get to your graduation day.

Captivating congrats flowers presented in timeless jars. These flowers are the go to option for larger spaces rooms
Stunning Congratulations Flowers

Artistic Congrats Flowers

For those majoring in Art degrees, consider the magical Pink Rebellion flowers. Inspired by the phenomenal Art Nouveau and everything 20, these flowers are an excellent choice for a vintage and rustic atmosphere. These magnificent dried flower bouquets come in an array of colours that symbolise romance, kindness while also adding a playful tone to the arrangement. Re-live the decade of art and music by marvelling at the countless blushing shades. These colours are also said to evoke nurturing, tranquilising, and sympathetic sentiments. That makes them an idyllic option to say ‘thank you to family and friends for their support.

Blooms in this range include Purple Broom, Orange Bloom, Craspedia, and Green Bloom. It also has Yellow Gypsophila and Yellow Statice. This variety will indicate strength, abundance, purity, and innocence.

Modern and Classic

You can never go wrong with a classic. And so, if it’s a timeless yet modern theme your heart is after, look no further than the idyllic Rustic Meadow flowers. Embellished with earth tone colours, from black to green, these impeccable blossoms will be excellent for either centrepiece at guest tables or even as a photographic display for everyone to adore. These sophisticated colours are symbolic of any graduation party. Together, they denote new beginnings, revitalisation, and energy, in addition to mystery and unpredictability.

Flowers included in this range are Eucalyptus Cinera, Bleached Ruscus, Black Broom, and more. Together, they imply beauty, thoughtfulness, and purity. The flowers come in four sizes, large, medium, small, and jars. We designed them to complement larger spaces.

Timeless congrats flowers shown in classic flowers jars displayed on books. Since classic is timeless, you can go wrong with these flowers.
Magical Rustic Meadow Flowers

Barn Theme Dried Flower Bouquets

For those interested in a country and vintage theme, the Summer Heat flowers are for you. Inspired by a warm summer’s sunset, these flowers will be the ultimate choice for any fun party idea you have. They come in many vibrant colours like orange, yellow, and red. They characterise warmth, happiness, and optimism. These colours connote energy and romance too. That makes it a perfect choice even for a destination party. Flowers featured in this collection are Babla, Red Lagurus, and more. They will help you express sentiments like strength, health, love, and innocence. Offered in three classic sizes, opt for the larger sizes for a small room.

Put your Mind at Rest, with the Best Congrats Flowers

We create all of our magical flowers using a careful preservation method. That way, they are longer-lasting, allowing you to enjoy them for years. In addition, since we understand that party planning can be time-consuming, we provide you with various delivery options to best suit your schedule and ideas. That way, even if it’s a destination party you have in mind, you can rest assured that your congratulations bouquet will arrive on time. They are an excellent choice for any party you have, from weddings to anniversaries. So, if you have chosen your graduation flowers and seek inspiration for other themed parties, click here!

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