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Find your Christmas spirit this year with Amarante Dried Flowers
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Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet?

We know each year it’s a daunting task. Getting up into the attic. Finding all the loose bits and bobs at the back of the cupboard. Cursing the world because you forgot exactly where you put that tree topper “So you’d remember it for next year”.

We get it. Every year, we always have the same conundrum. It’s the thing that unites us all. Even as we gather around the company water cooler, and ask how to we can have the best-decorated house.

Don’t panic! We’re here to help you choose your perfect Christmas decoration theme.

We’ve gathered together some ideas for you! Here we have some colour themes and decoration ideas for you to use this Christmas! Combine some of these classic colour combos with our Christmas flowers. Our rustic dried flowers will brighten up your home this winter.

You’re sure to be the heart and soul of the holiday with these wonderful ideas!

Blue and Silver – A Sensual complement to Pious Purple

Starting with the cooler colours of a traditional Christmassy combo. Blue and silver is not a common decoration choice for Christmas, but it is a striking one! It evokes the spirit of Winter, with a natural, spiritual colour pallet.

If you're religious, these bright dried flowers have even greater meaning. Particularly, our Lilac Skies rustic dried flowers have an ethereal theme to them. In Catholicism and Orthodoxy, purple is the colour most associated with the end of Lent. And these flowers shine through in their stunning colour!

This vibrant violet is excellent for combining with your snowy, icy colour scheme. The warm, royal purples complement the cooler white and blues. They will pull the eye of your guests and family members with ease!

Combine our flowers with a set of blue LED lights on your tree. Using a silver artificial tree would highlight this gorgeous natural combination. For baubles, use some purple and silver. Why not stick some of our preserved flowers into the branches of the tree for some extra colour pop!

These Christmas flowers are best for an out-of-the-box Christmas flower decoration combo.

Lilac Skies Christmas Flower Decoration
A Wintery, cold-coloured dried flower bouquet

Gold and Red – Bright Dried Flowers with a Warm and Chestnutty seasonal feeling

What if blue and silver are a bit too cold for you. We get that, it’s an acquired taste. What if you’re more homely, and prefer the smell of roasting chestnuts and spiced wines bubbling on a stove? Then enjoy our cinnamon stick flavoured Christmas flower decoration, Fallen Leaves!

(Warning – Please don’t try eating these preserved flowers! It may not be cinnamon flavoured, but what a combo!)

These flowers may have a more autumnal theme, but they belong in this colour combination! These rustic dried flowers give a fireplace a run for its money in warmth! Combine earthy, dry colours with the bold and brash gold and red of your decorations. It's sure to give a calming air to your otherwise audacious colours!

Gold and red are a classic tree combo. We’d recommend a green tree for this. This year, why not try a potted tree for planting in your garden or local patch in the New Year? Bring a bit of sustainability out of your Christmas traditions.

Use white lights, and decorate your mantlepieces with this Christmas flower decoration set! These preserved flowers are a terrific centrepiece to your Christmassy theme!

Fallen Leaves Christmas Flower Decoration
Warm and brisk dried floral arrangement for your earthy Christmas parties

White and Yellow – A subtle choice for a low-key Christmas

Let’s be honest, this year has been a lot. We imagine you might favour a quiet Christmas, nothing flashy or audacious. Something that brings your family and close friends closer after a strange few years. Look no further than this Christmas flower decoration combination!

White is often signified as a sign of new life, things beginning anew. Yellow, too, signifies rebirth, but also joy and close friendship. The two colours also complement each other very well.

You can fine-tune your Christmas decoration experience with our Bleached Haze dried flowers. These simple, beautiful rustic dried flowers are a perfect Christmas flower decoration.

We recommend yellowy tinsel covering a white glazed tree, with twinkling starry lights. Let these Christmas flowers adorn your tree, mantlepiece, or table!

Dim the lights, light the candles and bring a bit of the festive magic of snow and a winter wonderland into your home.

Bleached Haze Christmas Flower Decoration - Amaranté dried flower bouquets
Keep it simple with these bright dried flowers

The Classic Red and Green – An old favourite for a lovely favourite

After a year of nothing feeling the same, you might want something familiar. Did you not manage to see someone last Christmas? Do you want that old feeling of being a kid again, rushing to the tree? Then the ol’ faithful red and green is for you!

Complementing this classic is our Christmas flower decoration, Adore You rustic dried flowers. These flowers combine the warmth of red and the natural earthiness of green. Use them for any piece of decorating you want!

Use them as a holly wreath base. Adorn your fireplace ready for Santa. Even make your kitchen lively and fresh with nature.

The old favourites are favourites for a reason, and you can’t go wrong with red and green at Christmas. We recommend colourful lights, baubles and tinsel, with a classic green tree of course!

This Christmas, feel warm, safe and secure, and breathe in a bit of adoration for nature.

Adore you Christmas Flower Decoration
Have it all feel like when you were young with these rustic dried flowers

Merry Christmas to all – And to all a safe world

We have seen this year, more than ever, the importance of protecting our world. As world leaders come together to solve the world's problems, how can you save a part of the world this Christmas?

Well, for one, you can order from us with certainty. Our delivery methods are all carbon neutral. By ordering from us, you get flowers that have been grown sustainably, from grower to you!

We understand the need to be environmentally aware. You can rest assured. The Christmas flowers we provide will last beyond your parties! Every effort is being made by us to gift you the gift of a sustainable, safe and carbon-free Christmas.

Why not go the extra mile this year? Buy a potted Christmas tree, keep it till you plant it! Repurpose all our flowers, don’t just throw them out! Keep them well tended to and they’ll last you up to 3 years!

There are so many different ways to recycle and reuse the things we buy at Christmas. What great ideas will you have?

We’re excited to see them!

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