London's Best Ethically Sourced Sustainable Flowers

London's Best Ethically Sourced Sustainable Flowers

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While fresh flowers are the perfect gift for all occasions and events, they harm the environment in several ways. For instance, the pesticides and chemicals used to maintain those flowers have a negative impact on water, air, humans, and animals. Preserved or sustainable flowers are the perfect eco-friendly alternative.

Our preserved flowers look and smell as beautiful as fresh flowers from a garden. Also, our flowers come with a 365-day guarantee. Continue reading this blog to discover which of our dried flowers you should order for special occasions.

Summer Heat Dried Flowers

The summer heat dried flowers are like a ray of sunshine that keeps your home warm and bright for years to come. It ties together a beautiful variety of yellow shaded flowers. The flowers include Eucalyptus, Gypsophilia, Achillea, Lazarus, & Craspedia.

Our sunshine bouquet is the perfect surprise gift for your loved ones on all occasions. While a fresh flower bouquet would simply last a few days, this bouquet comes with a 365-day guarantee. So, be assured that whoever receives this bouquet will remember your kind gesture for over a year.

Eco-friendly Flowers for your Home and Office

Fallen Leaves dried flower bouquet
Eco-friendly floral arrangement in a vase

If you're someone who appreciates the warm and vibrant colors that are inspired by Autumnal leaves, then our fallen leaves sustainable flowers should be your go-to choice.

Whether you're decorating your home or simply gifting a loved one a bouquet, this is a dried floral arrangement worth purchasing. The bouquet beautifully ties together orange and red toned flowers. These include Achillea, Carthamus, Helichrysum, & Autumnal Foliage. The autumn-inspired bouquet adds a pop of vibrant colours to any room it kept it. In fact, If you have a console in your hallway, the fallen leaves bouquet would look stunning there.

Lilac Skies Dried Flowers

Purple represents dignity, success, admiration, & adoration. Amaranté's stunning lilac skies sustainable flowers beautifully tie together a variety of purple-coloured flowers. The flowers include Eucalyptus, Thistle, Lavender, Limonium, & Wheat.

The combination of the flowers is beautiful and reflects a stunning shade of purple. So whether you're trying to convey loving emotions, true friendship, or appreciation to a loved one, our lilac skies bouquet should be your go-to option.

Pink Rebellion Sustainable Flowers

Having a boho themed home is every girl's dream. Luckily, you can achieve the boho vibe by decorating your home with our pink rebellion sustainable flowers. It's the perfect combination of light pink and neutral tone flowers, each dried and preserved to perfection.

The boho-inspired bouquet stunningly brings together a combination of flowers. These include Pampas mini pink, Statice white, Nigella bleached, Thistle pink, Phalaris pink, Spray rose pink, Broom pink, Ruscus pink, Mini spear bleached, and Fan palm pink. The light pink and neutral shades of the bouquet make it ideal for baby showers, weddings, & birthdays. Alternatively, you can order the flowers to decorate them around your home.

Rustic Meadow Eco-friendly Flowers

Rustic Meadow Dried eco-friendly Flowers
Rustic dried blooms in a vase

Are you in search of a sustainable flower bouquet that'll go perfectly with all occasions and events? Because if so, our rustic meadow sustainable flowers are a combination of neutral-toned flowers. Not to mention, the flowers fit in wherever kept and convey all sort of emotions.

Whether you want to express love, show appreciation, or simply decorate your home, this dried flower bouquet is the suitable choice. You can order it in small and medium sizes, according to the occasion or event. Not to mention, the stunning flowers would go perfectly with any home. So, anyone who receives them would definitely appreciate your gift for years.

Order your Sustainable Flowers Today

Once you've decided to purchase eco-friendly & sustainable flowers, we'd highly recommend that you skim through our dried flowers section on our website. Put together with love and care, each of our bouquets hold a meaning of their own. You can pick and choose or order a few of the flowers together. After all, each of our sustainable flowers come with a 365-day guarantee.

You can get in touch with our personalised shopper if you require help or guidance. Plus, we allow buyers to pay in interest-free instalments through ClearPay. Thankfully buying everlasting flowers has never been easier. On checkout, you can opt for click & collect. Alternatively, you can also choose to get the flowers delivered to an address of your choice. Order your sustainable flowers today and enjoy their lasting beauty and scent for years to come.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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