Infinity Roses For Memorable Weddings on Christmas Day

Infinity Roses For Memorable Weddings on Christmas Day

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Picking a date for your wedding can be quite a challenging decision. There are many factors to consider, and choosing a spot within the festive season might be both a pragmatic and offbeat choice.

Choosing a date may come down to which eco flowers are in season during the time you wish to tie the knot. But don't let fresh flowers decide when your special day should be. Why not find the perfect date for you and choose real flowers that are naturally preserved to last for years.

Flowers For Eye-Catching Wedding Buttonholes and Corsages 

It's the little details are an important factor in every well-organised wedding. While traditionally the couple’s entourage would be wearing outfits associated with the theme. The corsages and buttonholes are forever the finishing touched to every groomsman outfit.

Deep Red eco flowers are a fine option when deciding which colour best reflects a wedding. No matter which preserved flowers catch your eye, your groomsmen  are bound to wear the thoughtful accessory with a jolly smile.

Beautiful Wine roses in Black Hatbox
Wine Forever Roses in Black Hatbox

A Church Ceremony Filled With Eco Flowers And Strong Feelings

As the wedding day unwinds, the most emotional stage is often at the church. Decorate the whole isle with timeless eco flowers in the colour of your choosing.

Champagne eco flowers are just one classic example of bright, gorgeous blooms to assist you on that long and unique walk down the aisle. All while our warmed coloured Fallen Angels will keep the members of the choir good company.

From beautiful hatboxes in a variety of sizes to single rose in a classic acrylic jewellery box, there are so many different forever flowers to make a unique walkway just for you.

Long lasting eco flowers will bring a touch of nature to your wedding’s most sacred of moments will contribute to that positive and loving atmosphere.

Depending on your choice, they might also bring forth that Christmassy mood. Perfectly combining two unforgettable celebrations.

Champagne forever flowers in Blue Hatbox
 Champagne Preserved Flowers in Blue Suede Hatbox

Eco Flowers Make Amazing Centrepieces

When it comes to everyone sitting down to eat, contribute to those delicious dishes and intensive chatter with exquisite preserved flower centrepieces. They will blend in well with the rest of the decorations and contribute to that jolly family mood. 

Incline for something slightly different this time and choose our blue preserved flowers. Far from a more traditional Christmas colour, yet appreciated enough to make a strong impression without too many eyebrows being lifted.

A Considerate Choice That Will Stay With You Long After 

We are Constantly making an effort to offer beautifully preserved flowers while still championing sustainability. Our infinity roses come with a one year guarantee and are set to last quite a bit more with some minimal maintenance.

So, whether it will be your choice to pick eco flowers for your wedding or you are just helping the lucky bride with her decision. Find your favourite beautiful eco flowers that can be shared around and be enjoyed by all the wedding party for many years to come. 

We've also eliminated the hassle of making sure you get your flowers in time for the wedding before they wilt away. Given how these preserved flowers are designed for long lasting joy, you can order them months or even years before the wedding. They can also be delivered straight to your wedding venue just hours before your most magical day begins if that is what you wish. 

Find your perfect Infinity roses to decorate your wedding today! 

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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