Dried Flowers: A Thoughtful Housewarming Gift

For those times when our friends or family invite us to celebrate their new home, dried flowers make a memorable gift. Journeying around the vast array of options we might face, it's easy to come to one conclusion. Few gifts have the versatility of being suitable for most rooms and for a wide range of interior design preferences, as eco flowers have.

And as precious and unique as moving to a new home is, your thoughtful present is bound to go a long way. Read on as we list some of our beautiful dried flowers by room. 

Light Toned Dried Flowers Upon Entrance

When entering a home, involuntarily, our first impression might set the mood we have throughout the whole space. Our pure hued Bleached Haze might just be the right set of eco flowers to place at the entry.

Our wild bunch of preserved flowers make a lovely housewarming gift. Especially when we create a bouquet with stems like thistle, gypsophila bleached Ruscus and pampas,. The assortment's white and green tones make a calm and welcoming entryway when placed in a slightly contrasting glass vase. For both those you gifted and their future guests. 

Admiring Flowers While Dining Together

For those occasions when visiting friends that love to cook, dried flowers provide that table decoration finishing touch. They will add life to their already gastronomic efforts and make those over the table conversations more lively.

Take our Fallen Leaves assortment for example. The warm-toned mix between the protea orange and red broom, slightly toned down by eucalyptus and lagurus natural, make an intense yet balanced table decoration.

Fallen Leaves Dried Flower Bouquet
Fallen Leaves Bouquet In Glass Vase

In the end, delicious food goes best with great conversation and a pleasant ambience. Not to mention that your housewarming gift is bound to be enjoyed by the happy new home owners, for some time.

Gifting Eco Flowers For More Enjoyable Cooking Experiences 

While a pinch of spice usually makes the difference when it comes to food. Offering eco flowers that would find a place in the kitchen, will definitely make the giftee’s time in the kitchen more pleasant. 

Give our Boho Dreams assortment a try, and you are bound to offer a housewarming gift that is both elegant and a bit wild on the edges. Same as in cooking, where experimenting a tiny bit with set in stone recipes, fuels our creativity and enthusiasm. These dried flowers have the untainted beauty you find only in nature.

Boho Home Dried Flower Bouquet
Detailed view of Boho Home Bouquet

A Touch of Nature In the Bedroom

Dried flowers are perfect to grace friends and family with their presence in the bedroom. They'll be there on those cosy evenings when staying in bed, those long nights of rejuvenating sleep, or those long mornings when waking up alarms do not exist. Amaranté eco flowers bring that feeling of serenity and beauty, so cherished in our bedrooms.

For a more calming atmosphere, it’s worth exploring our Vintage Bloom. The lovely bunch's nude tones are a clean slate that will encourage them to dream as positive and vivid as they can.

Place the dried flowers next to your bed on the floor or on a bedside cabinet if you want to have them close by. Find them a spot on your chest of drawers, and try to place them at the end of your bed. This way, the eco flowers are the first thing you see in the morning and, of course, greet you accordingly.

A Housewarming Gift For a Beautiful Bathroom

The room where we give our day a fresh start or relax while having a good read in a long bath during the weekend. Eco flowers are bound to improve your giftee’s morning routine, all while sticking around for quite some time. 

Consider Rustic Meadow for subtle liveliness. Pampas, ruscus, black broom, (just to mention a few), and they are bound to enjoy your housewarming gift. Suitable for either classic or modern decorative choices, our dried flowers strike the right chord between nature and sustainability.

Good Company While Working From Home 

Great work requires great enthusiasm. For that, we see our eco flowers as a great fit for all those inspirational workrooms. Take a quick look at our Lilac Skies Assortment and you are likely to make a housewarming gift that will be very appreciated. Its punchy violet tones are bound to bring life to the room and draw attention in case you are on a video call.

Lilac Skies Bouquet Dried Flowers
Lilac Skies Flower Assortment

Mixing responsibility with pleasure will only increase their productivity and thank you on a separate occasion for your considerate gift. 

A Versatile and Sustainable Housewarming Gift

As time flies by, we might feel the need for a switch of decoration around the house. Eco flowers are a versatile gift that will find their place equally well in multiple rooms. So a lovely bouquet for your lucky friends or family will do fine, even if they already have a merry bunch of dried flowers in their house. Don't worry; there is always room for more. Encouraging interior design creativity through eco flowers is always a thoughtful gesture.

Versatility comes together with durability, and we are really passionate about bringing beauty into people's lives. All in the most considerate of ways. By making every step of our process as sustainable as possible

We make efforts so that the farming for your dried flowers is done considerately. Our aim is to have a zero footprint by planting two trees for every transaction made. It's only our small way of thanking nature for the beauty it gives us. 

Going through life and celebrating the special moments together with family and friends has a feeling of itself. Watching them grow and succeed, being there during their journey, and with them when reaching their destination makes our existence more meaningful. While our battles and ideals can only be mastered by ourselves, the moments together are the ones that stay with us. 

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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