Fairtrade Fortnight – Our Journey and Choosing Fairtrade

Fairtrade Fortnight – Our Journey and Choosing Fairtrade

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It’s Fairtrade Fortnight, making it the perfect opportunity to learn more about choosing Fairtrade.

The process refers to “a system of certification that aims to ensure a set of standards are met in the production and supply of a product or ingredient.” In addition, the organisation sets to make equal pay and conditions at work. That includes the farmers and fair compensation to customers.

Another aim of Fairtrade is to change the laws around global trade, creating less harm to the climate in the process. So, how has Amaranté maintained an eco-friendly approach through its choosing Fairtrade?

Enchanting roses to consider when choosing Fairtrade products
Red Infinity Roses

Our Values and Choosing Fairtrade

As a sustainable florist, we aim to produce the highest quality flowers to last years. Each bouquet is made to order meaning it creates zero waste. We source every bloom from our B Corp, Fairtrade farms and by working directly with our farmers, we ensure that they receive premier payment.

Each flower has its flourishing season, contributing to intensive farming at specific times of the year. But due to the fact that all our flowers are sustained for a long lasting life, we don't partake in any intensive farming, ensuring all our farming practises are ethical and don't harm the planet. 

These environmentally friendly flowers bouquets are also all carbon negative. The sustainable nature of these exotic roses has resulted in just a 2% Carbon footprint compared to 10% for fresh flowers.

Classic blossoms that are perfect for choosing Fairtrade items
White Forever Roses

Another goal here at Amaranté is to contribute to the global efforts of deforestation. We ensure that this takes place by planting two trees for every order. That removes their carbon footprint over time. That way, we give back to the planet, aiming to grow one million trees by 2025. So far, we are proud to say 30,000 are planted in the Amazon and Madagascar rainforest.

These roses will last for years. We make them with the utmost care; they are reasonably priced compared to competitors. And, since we aim to reach as many people as possible with our eco flowers, we wanted to increase the range of products.

Our Product Values

A green and planet-friendly approach is at the heart of our vision here at Amaranté. Our founder and CEO, Kay Seehra, dreamt of sharing her passion for flowers with the world, though with an eco-approach to preserve them and help them last longer.

Research led by The Green Journal in 2019 claims that fresh florals have contributed to $33 billion in the gifting industry. It is also suggested that the U.S., Netherlands, and Japan are accountable for half of the world’s current fresh flower trade.

Though, a shift towards an eco-friendlier approach is being seen globally, with flowers taking place in warmer countries like Ecuador and Colombia. However, we need to do more. For example, data claims that the U.K. transports £25,000 worth of fresh roses in one year alone. So, what does this extensive farming of flowers mean to the environment?

Fairtrade and Warm peach colured roses
Peach Infinity Roses

Fresh Flowers VS Eco Flowers

Farmers expose flowers regularly to Pesticides. The procedure involves spraying the plant with Methyl Bromide, a toxic chemical to humans and the natural environment. It is scientifically proven to be five times more destructive to the Ozone layer than Carbon Dioxide, although that hasn’t stopped many farmers from using it for over forty years now.

But the pandemic resulted in a positive change to this approach. In addition, the founder of the U.S. Slow Flowers Movement, Debra Prinzing, suggested the plague resulted in florists coming up with more creative and eco-friendly solutions. So, what makes Fairtrade flowers different?

While flowers farmed in poorer communities mean less pay for farmers and workers, Fairtrade ensures that every farmer has a right to negotiate their payment to improve their living conditions. Further, they invest in better education, schooling, and medical service for those communities.

When farmers learn more about their rights in the workforce, they can ask for higher payment, resulting in less poverty and better working and living conditions. In addition, that will persuade farmers to use more eco-friendly methods in pest control and farming, thus resulting in minor climate damage and better health for both humans and the climate.

Timeless blue roses to gift when you are choosing Fairtrade
Blue Infinity Roses in a rose box

Since we don’t work with wholesalers, the premium payment goes directly to the farmer, creating a positive, empowering impact for them and their communities. In addition, all products are B Corp certified without the pressure of farming non-seasonal flowers. To maintain a green initiative, we work with our farmers. They tell us which stems and roses can be farmed throughout the year, meaning intensive farming never being an option. But, since these are sustainable, they will constantly be in season.

Choosing Fairtrade Flowers, for a Greener Planet

We preserve these captivating florals using a unique preservation method. That way, they last longer than days. What makes them better is that they require only subtle dusting to maintain their shape and scent. Watering or direct sunlight is not necessary. Since we want to ensure a green method throughout, our exclusive partnership with DHL means the journey of your flowers from farm to home is all green and climate-friendly. For more information on our sustainability, click here to read more!

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