What it Means to Be Fairtrade

What it Means to Be Fairtrade

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We all have heard of the phrase 'Fairtrade' in one form or another. However, many still lack understanding of the environmental and economic effects. And since it is Fairtrade Fortnight 2022, there is no better timing to educate yourself.

But what is Fairtrade? According to fairtrade.com, it is "a system of certification." It aims to make sure standards are met in producing and supplying a product. That comprises equal rights and working conditions for farmers and workers. It also means fair pay to customers.

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Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 and Why It Means to Be Fairtrade

Due to Fairtrade's approach, it has become a global phenomenon that has allowed it to make beneficial contributions to developing communities. Fairtrade interviewed 2012 thirty-four farmers based on their knowledge of Fairtrade. Twenty-two participants knew the organisation based on recognised definitions. Additionally, three farmers had a deep understanding of the topic.

However, many farmers are still unaware of the benefits of a Fairtrade attitude at work. 

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What It Means to Be Fairtrade?

An eco-friendly approach is at the heart of every Fairtrade organisation. By choosing the Fairtrade method, companies stand equality for farmers and communities. They invest in climate-friendly techniques to source, farm and deliver products. It is a partnership of trade that revolves around dialogue, transparency, and respect. So how has Fairtrade affected farmers around the world?

Economic Affect

The latest data suggest that more than 19 million farmers were Fairtrade farmers. 41% of those farmers were women. Additionally, in 2020 revealed that £169 million were paid to farmers directly. Each Fairtrade producer organisation received a £90,000 in premium. The research results also implied that 41 per cent of the farmers produced flowers.

As well as supporting farmers, Fairtrade also empowers communities across the world. That takes place by improving their cooperation with the supply chain. By doing so, those vulnerable communities become less likely to reach poverty. Other economic benefits include better agricultural services and additional income. So, how would this protect the climate and environment, you ask?

Climate Protection and Social Empowerment

The requirements at Fairtrade comprise various environmental protection too. That incorporates energy, as well as reduction of greenhouse emissions. They encourage educating farmers by advising them on better practices for the environment and creating nutrient-rich soils that make healthier plants. When farmers understand the subsidies of Fairtrade, they switch to fewer toxic pesticides.

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Finally, tips for overcoming climate crises issues on farms are also offered. With Fairtrade, farmers feel powerful when discussing matters related to their future. However, while many understand Fairtrade, they lack knowledge of their rights. That includes negotiating in the work sector, which the organisation aims to improve. The organisation invests in better housing, education, and medical services too.

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