3 Amazing New Dried Flower Bouquets for Mother's Day

3 Amazing New Dried Flower Bouquets for Mother's Day

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Flowers are a perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day. They represent renewal, strength, beauty, and delicate, compassionate understanding. There are many kinds of unique floral arrangements out there, each with the power to be a meaningful gift. With three strikingly different but equally gorgeous designs, let's explore our new dried flower bouquets for Mother's Day to find the perfect one for you to gift this year.

Bleached Haze – An Image of Innocence

Bleached Haze encompasses natural, long-lasting stems, all wonderfully brought together by our expert florists.

As a gift, it exudes tones of kindness and serenity. This bouquet of dried flowers mirrors the stable compassion our mothers have given us throughout the years and evokes a sense of dreamy nostalgia. The distinctive inclusion of Dried Palm Spears adds poise to the bouquet.

Also featured in the Bleached Haze bouquet is a healthy number of Pampas Grass, a light and airy stem that is great for bringing life to smaller spaces while being a wonderful addition to any larger room.

The addition of cotton stems is elegant, providing a playful and charming touch. Miscanthus, Palm Spears, White Ruscus and Phalaris work happily to create a joyful bouquet that brings light and joy to whatever space it occupies.

Bleached Haze dried flower bouquet in an elegant glass vase, features many long stems: Dried Palm Spears, Pampas Grass, Miscanthus, Palm Spears, White Ruscus and Phalaris
Bleached Haze Bouquet

Pink Rebellion – The Definition of Feminine Power

This bouquet brings together pastel pinks. Vintage 1920s Art Nouveau vibes are perfect in this new 20s we've entered. A stylish and individualistic arrangement that is great for any occasion but especially for Mother's Day.

Lofty, sensual Pink Ruscus stems are mirrored with bright, striking Pink Statice to make a soft and colourful Pink Rebellion arrangement. Red Eucalyptus and White Limonium add a little neutral colouring to mix the contrasts. Everything about this bouquet of dried flowers screams complimentary colouring and thoughtful choices.

Experience the rush of the 1920s with stunning pink Helichrysum. These stems create a shape of romance and everlasting beauty in the corner of any room. The final perfect touch are the pink infinity roses climbing the Eucalyptus, a symbol of feminine solidarity and strength.

This bouquet is undoubtedly the best gift for all the powerful women in your life, especially your mum or maternal figure. Whether that's a mother who's been to hell and back or a grandmother still going strong as a whirlwind of inspiration in your life. No matter the intended recipient, this floral arrangement is a statement of adoration and respect.

Pink Rebellion Dried Flower Bouquet in a medium-sized glass vase featuring Pink Ruscus, Pink Statice, Red Eucalyptus, White Limonium, Pink Helichrysum and Eucalyptus.
Pink Rebellion Bouquet

Field Day – A Tour de force of International Women's Day

Field day is a dried flower bouquet unlike any other – soft yet enduring, eco-friendly and inspiring. This bouquet of dried flowers makes for the perfect living room or kitchen centrepiece. It can also improve the tone of any workspace or dull office, transforming it into one with a vibrant burst of colour.

This bouquet encompasses a range of stems. Each was chosen specially to amplify these forever flowers' soft, pastel appearance. Gentle tones of purple live brightly through the stems of Lilac Broom and Mimosa. These colours encapsulate the spring season with a vibrant life within the stems. The Field Day Bouquet is playful and cheeky, with a youthful nature that inspires and brightens.

Eucalyptus is incorporated into this bouquet to create a unique and captivating edge. They turn an otherwise gentle arrangement into a real tour de force.

Field Day features purple spring flowers, symbolising a royal luxury. Their strength comes in inspiring determination to onlookers, especially women worldwide. As a Mother's Day gift, it simply trumps any competition. It's the perfect example of feminine beauty and power, without question.

Acknowledging the importance and pride of femininity over the years is essential. It helps to bring together the world in harmony.

No matter the occasion, these flowers are the core of what it means to be feminine. They're a perfect choice for your best friends, mothers, grandmothers, teachers, nurses etc.

Field Day Dried Flower Bouquet featuring stems of Lilac Broom and Mimosa, with gentle tones of purple, in a simple medium size vase
Field Day Bouquet

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