The Top 5 Dried Flower Bouquets For a Meaningful Mother's Day Gift

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This Mother's Day, express your love and appreciation to the most important woman in your life with a beautiful Mother's Day Gift.

A bouquet of flowers has always been a favoured choice as a gift for Mother's Day, with this year being no different. Flowers speak better than words and with so many Mother's Day bouquets to choose from, you can find the one that perfectly expresses exactly what you want to say.

Read on to see the 5 most popular Mother's Day Bouquets to gift Mum during this loving celebration.

Pink Rebellion Forever Flowers - Dried Flower Bouquet
Pink Rebellion Dried Flowers

5. Loving Red

While most commonly associated with romantic gifts, there's no denying that a Mother's Day bouquet with beautiful red roses is the ultimate way to express your love.

Inspired by magnificent gothic architecture, these Adore You blooms are infused with vibrant colours highly defined stems. The colours in the bouquet connote admiration, love, courage, and determination.

What makes these the best flowers for Mother's Day is how the combination of colours and stems are associated with traits such as courage, eternal love, strength, and motivation.

The best flowers for Mother's Day will be adored for years to come
Adore You Bouquet of Forever Flowers

4. A Simple Touch

Although it may be an International celebration, for some, Mother's Day is just a simple occasion with minimal fuss and a single, simple gift. But that doesn't mean that the gift can't be perfect.

A favoured choice when keeping it simple has always been a Bleached Haze Mother's Day bouquet. Inspired by everything vintage and classic, these florals are ideal and adaptable to however you wish to celebrate this day.

Embellished with many shades of white and beige, these Mother's Day flowers symbolise all mothers' purity, elegance, and perfection. Nothing is more comforting, refreshing, and hopeful than mothers in hard times. It is a colour of goodness, clarity, and openness. Bleached Peacock Feathers, Natural Lagurus, Bleached Protea, and more are in this array. Together, they symbolise pride, glory, and beauty.

Calming and neutral blooms make the best flowers for an elegant Mother's Day Gift
Bleached Haze Bouquet of Forever Flowers

3. A Bouquet to Remember Mother's Day

Like many occasions, Mother's Day encourages people to celebrate their mothers just one day a year. When in actual fact, mothers should be celebrated every day of the year. The perfect Mother's Day bouquet is an ideal way to provide your mum with something physical that can serve as a constant reminder of how loved and appreciated they are every of the year.

Inspired by everything there is to adore about in the incoming Spring Season, Golden Sunrise is a must as a gift with long last meanings at heart. This Mother's Day bouquet brings together a variety of stems, including Amaranthus orange, Craspedia yellow and champagne infinity roses. The combination gives the perfect illusion of a beautiful sunrise that will appear again and again every morning.

These dried flowers are also bursting with yellow tunes, especially through the inclusion of sunflowers. Yellow is the colour of warmth, happiness, and communication. It also denotes originality and optimism - all perfect messages to be included in a unique Mother's Day bouquet.

The best flowers for an elegant mothers day gift, they contain neutral elements that will be loved for years
Golden Sunrise Bouquet of Forever Flowers

2. Soft and Caring

If your mum isn't usually about flowers, knowing the perfect Mother's Day bouquet she will love can be hard. The safest mothers day dried flowers that never fail to be enjoyed are the divine Lilac Skies, available in small, medium and large sizes.

Embellished with artful lavender shades, this arrangement will allow your mum to be transported into a French springtime Lavender meadow. Just like the plant, lavender colours evoke many healing sentiments. It stimulates, calms, and supports too. It also characterises tranquillity, femininity, and spring weather.

Soft purple shades are recommended for those who are warm-hearted, loving, caring, and tender, making it an attractive option for your mother. The assortment is infused with Lilac Statice, Purple Broom, Blue Gyp and more.

Gorgeously artful Flowers for Mother's Day
Lilac Skies Bouquet of Forever Flowers

1. Timeless & Traditional

There is always a certain colour that best represents a specific occasion. With Mother's Day of course being a celebration all about mothers, pink is an obvious yet classic symbol of this joyous day.

Representing femininity and maternity, pink is still the favoured choice when it comes to gifting Mother's Day flowers. Whether it be gentle soft pink or a bolder, more extravagant shade, the crown of best flowers for Mother's Day remains in the hands of pink blooms.

Tender Bloom is a Mother's Day bouquet that captures all that is favoured for this occasion. Directly inspired by all that the colour pink represents, this Mother's Day Bouquet is the ideal choice if you're stuck as to what your mum would love on her special day.

Divine Best Flowers for Mother's Day presented in many bouquets
Tender Bloom Bouquet

Dried Flowers: The Best Mother's Day Gift

Still being the most popular gift for this occasion, flowers are the obvious choice to make your mum smile. But that doesn't mean that a lot of thought shouldn't go into deciding which flowers you should choose.

Regardless of the colours or feelings you wish to express, fresh flowers will only communicate this for a few days before they wilt away. Whether our flowers are all naturally preserved to be loved for years, not days. This year, make this occasion a year long celebration and gift your mum a beautiful bouquet of luxury mother's day dried flowers that will remind her every day just how much she's loved and appreciated.

Every bouquet is available in small, medium and large sizes. With such a wide variety to choose from, there's no reason why you can't use this occasion to find other timeless bouquets that will be perfect as gifts for other occasions. If you have chosen your flowers for mother's day but want more inspiration for other gifts on this day, click here to read more!

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