Five Best Flowers For Mother's Day

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With Mother's Day getting closer by the day, finding the perfect Mother's Day gift can feel like a challenge. But nothing better conveys your love and appreciation than a beautiful arrangement of Mother's Day flowers.

Infinity roses, in particular, are known for being delicate blooms of living art and a great luxurious choice for a meaningful Mother's Day gift. If you're struggling to choose the best flowers for your gift, be inspired by five excellent choices to surprise your mum this year.

Roses in rose boxes, different sizes, colours and shapes.
Forever Roses in Rose Boxes

Lavender Flowers

Delve into a relaxing lavender meadow with captivating Lavender roses. Lavender, embellished with soft shades of purple, has the timeless representation of motherhood nurturing and will be a classic gift this Mother's Day.

The colour symbolises tranquillity, femininity, and religion. What makes it even more befitting for this day is that they characterise springtime, accenting the weather during these days.

Lavender has calming, stimulating, and supportive effects, all of which signify the role of mothers. It is a warm-hearted, loving, and caring shade too. In the secret language of colours and personalities, lavender symbolises peaceful, creative, and sensitive traits.

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Blushing pink round rose box containing as many as 14 large forever roses.
Lavender Infinity Roses in a Rose Box

Red Flowers

From tackling work to taking care of their family, there is no denying that all mothers are strong, powerful, and courageous. And there is no better way to express this than with an assortment of red roses.

While the shade is classically romantic, it can also have many powerful sentiments linked to mothers, including determination, power, and action. Rose boxes are the perfect gift to characterise energy, passion, motivation, and carefulness too. So, red infinity roses are the best way to go for all the strong mothers out there. You can also use them to represent how much love you have for your mum.

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Red roses in a beige rose box - Vibrant Mother's Day flowers
Red Forever Flowers in a Rose Box

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Pink Flowers

Look no further than the magical pink roses collection for another timeless yet elegant Mother's Day floral arrangement. The colour represents the delicate pink Carnations that are traditional Mother's Day Gifts. Pink is also the shade used to imply motherhood. Imbued with soft pink tints, they will be a classy option too. The colour characterises compassion, love, and femininity. Pink colours provoke effects like sympathy, calmness, nurture, and comfort. It implies positivity, kindness, warmth, romance, and intuition.

Many also believe pink evokes unconditional love and innocence emotions. Pink infinity roses best suit generous, optimistic, charming, tender, caring, and sympathetic personalities. Accessible in many sizes, shapes, and colours, for an extra-large square box for a sentiment of appreciation and gratitude.

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Pink Roses in Pink Rose Box with suede finish.
Light Pink Roses in a Rose Box

Yellow Flowers

Known for being an uplifting colour that perfectly symbolises Spring, there is nothing better than tranquillising yellow roses as a Mother's Day gift. Inspired by warmth and sunshine, yellow roses are a timeless Mother's Day Gift that is not only beautiful but will bring continuous joy to your mum's home.

Yellow also connotes happiness, encouragement, optimism and is guaranteed to create a smile on your mum's face for a year and as many as three years.

Round blue suede rose box containing 12 large yellow roses
Yellow Roses in a Rose Box

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White Flowers

Another ritual flower that people gift for Mother's Day at this time of year is white flowers. A White Rose suggests innocent, pure love and femininity, just like mothers. So, if you want to represent this, you can opt for any one of our pure white roses in rose boxes. White is the colour of motherly instincts like peace, purity, and clarity.

White also characterises the comforting, refreshing, and relaxing feeling everyone feels around mums. It is a shade representing perfection, calmness, balance, virtue, and delicacy. Choose the nine blooms in an acrylic box to imply appreciation in many bouquet sizes.

9 large white roses in transparent acrylic jewellery box
9 White Roses in acrylic jewellery box

Flowers to Make Your Mum's Day

These enchanting eco-sustainable forever roses are created using a unique preservation method, ensuring they will last or at least one year but as many as three years.

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Our partnership with DHL also means every rose is carbon neutral from farm to door. Every purchase is not only ethically sourced but directly giving back to the environment.

Coming in fourteen beautiful colours, these forever roses are a Mother's Day gift like no other. But it's not only Mother's Day where these roses are a divine choice for a unique, long lasting gift. Explore our collection of infinity roses to find the perfect rose box for Mother's Day and every other occasion that requires a meaningful gift.

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