Five Rose Boxes For Your Mum on Mother's Day

Five Rose Boxes For Your Mum on Mother's Day

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With Mother's Day approaching fast, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. But nothing conveys love and appreciation more than a beautiful arrangement of roses.

Even when you decide on roses for Mother's Day as a perfect present, that may still leave you with so many questions:

  • Which roses are best for your mum?
  • Will she prefer a certain colour?
  • What colour best reflects my love for her?

Let's explore the top five most popular rose colours to gift for Mother's Day and their meanings.

5. Radiant Red Roses

There is no denying that all mothers are strong, powerful, and courageous. From tackling work to caring for their family, mothers go through the wringer for us. And there is no better way to express our gratitude than with an assortment of red roses.

Red is often chosen as a romantic shade. Yet, it can also have many powerful sentiments linked to mothers. Red is vibrant, evoking determination, power, action, and especially love.

Rose boxes with light red roses are perfect for characterising passion. They exude energy and motivation with a cool, collected countenance. Red roses are the best way to go for all the strong mothers out there. Perfect for any mum who wants to hear "I love you" this Mother's Day.

Red infinity roses in a round red suede rose box on a table
Red Infinity Roses in round Red Suede Rose Box

4. Luxury Lavender Roses

Lavender Roses represent a sense of calm, serenity, and faithfulness. Lavender is a colour often related to healing and luxury. The rare shades of purple inspire a comforting atmosphere.

Lavender roses also represent the coming springtime. With all their calming, supportive effects, Lavender Roses symbolise the role of mothers. They make the best presents for mothers who inhabit a caregiver's warm and comforting role. Despite this, some rose colours are even better for mums out there

 Lavender roses in a small black square rose box
Black Rose Box with 9 Large Lavender Roses

3. Wonderful White Roses

Another option when thinking Flowers for Mother's Day is a Rose Box with White Roses.

White roses suggest innocence and new life and are typically given to mothers immediately after giving birth, making them an ever-popular gift for someone's first Mother's Day celebration. White also represents motherly instincts such as peace, purity, and clarity. It's for these reasons that wedding dresses are traditionally white.

White characterises the comforting, refreshing, and relaxing feeling everyone feels around mums. It is a shade representing perfection, calmness, balance, virtue, and delicacy.

White is certainly a pure and impressionable colour that we can use to evoke a range of colours. But the next rose colour is certainly a wildcard to choose from.

36 White Roses in a large beige square rose box
36 White Roses in Large Square Beige Suede Box

2. Youthful Yellow Roses

Inspired by warmth and sunshine, yellow roses are a timeless gift. They aren't only beautiful, but will bring continuous joy to your mum's home. Yellow has always connotated happiness and optimism. Alongside lavender, yellow represents spring and renewal, making yellow roses a declaration of undying loyalty, friendship and spiritual love.

Yellow roses are the perfect gift for anyone whose best friend is their mum. They act as brilliant presents for foster, surrogate or adoptive mothers too. There is often too much focus on the biological side of parenthood. It's not the only thing that makes someone a mum to us.

There are many women in the world who raise us, from teachers to tutors and friends with children. This Mother's Day, celebrate all those women, not only the one who has your genes. Celebrate the 'mums' who have loved and supported you with the gift of bright, sunny yellow roses.

While yellow roses are great for evoking a spiritual kind of love, they're not the only colour of rose with loving emotions...

Round white rose box containing four yellow infinity roses
4 Yellow Roses in Round White Rose Box with Matte Finish

1. Pretty Light Pink Roses

Of course, the top choice can be none other than Light Pink Roses. Pink roses combine all the emotions and colours of the above roses into one appealing option. Pink is, of course, red mixed with white. Its colouring is even brighter than yellow roses, too! Pink Roses portray a sense of femininity that trumps lavender, hands down.

Pink has strong links to feminism and is often related to motherhood. Pink colours provoke effects like sympathy, calmness, nurture, and comfort. Pink represents positive emotions, intuition and deep empathy.

Roses in this classic shade can also evoke feelings of unconditional love and innocence. Pink roses best suit generous, optimistic, charming, tender, caring, and sympathetic personalities. Accessible in many sizes, shapes, and colours. Choose an extra-large square box for a sentiment of appreciation and gratitude. Or a small acrylic box for a personal and unique present.

Light pink roses are a go-to for timeless, elegant flowers for Mother's Day.

Top view of a bouquet of 13 large light pink infinity roses.
Bouquet of 13 Light Pink Roses

Roses that Make Your Mum's Year

We hope you agree that the best colour for Mother's Day is a pretty pink rose! Fresh flowers are elegant and beautiful; however, these luxurious flowers begin to wither and wilt after a few days. The amount of waste spent yearly on flowers doomed to die in overfilled vases is astonishing. There are better ways to tell your mother she's special to you. And to remind me of it every single day.

If you're seeking elegant flowers for Mother's Day that your mum will treasure and appreciate, there's only one way to go. Choose from any of our infinity roses. We produce these gorgeous, eco-sustainable forever flowers using a unique preservation method. This process ensures they will last at least one year and as many as three years. We deliver our floral arrangements to over 250 countries worldwide. All with carbon-neutral policies in place to protect the environment. It's no wonder how there are zero downsides to our stunning roses!


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