How Many Roses Should I Buy?

How Many Roses Should I Buy?

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How many roses should you buy for a special occasion? This will depend on whom is receiving the gift and the type of occasion. Roses have been around for centuries and have always been one of the most popular flowers of all time.

Rose Symbolism

Rose symbolism is a way to communicate to those receiving your gift.

  • What do you need to know before buying roses?
  • Can you convey a message by sending a certain number of roses?

And what about the colours? For example, red roses are often seen as a symbol of love and passion, so they might be a good choice for a romantic partner.

If you're not sure how many roses you should buy, read this article for a good rule of thumb and learn what you need to know before buying roses.

Roses Are The Worlds Favourite Flower

The delicate petals of the rose are what probably first caught our attention, but it's their fragrance that kept us captivated. Roses have inhabited our planet for around 35 million years - much longer than humans! This means they've been able to capture everyone’s heart time after time without fail.

The Chinese started cultivating roses in gardens 5,000 years ago. The original types have changed over the centuries with the creation of 150 varieties all across the Asia Pacific region. The ancient Romans were very fond of roses and made extensive use of them throughout the Middle East during their empire building times.

Red Roses in round white rose box
Red Roses in Round Rose Box

Roses are a Symbol of Love

In many cultures, roses are synonymous with love of all kinds. Love for significant others, friends and family. The number of roses you should buy will depend on the specific message and your sentiments. Keep reading to find out how many roses you should buy for your girlfriend, mother, father, husband or anyone you love.

A Single Rose: Small & Powerful Gestures

Even the smallest gestures can mean the most. That is why a single rose is an important gesture and symbolism. A single rose, generally speaking, says, 'I love you.' If you choose to buy a single red rose, you're saying you have felt love at first sight. At the same time, a single purple rose in a box expresses that you see immense beauty in that person.

Two roses tied together signifies a commitment or the desire for it. If you're going to propose, choose your favourite colour and that of your partner. This can be seen to represent your two souls together forever.

Six roses will tell someone that you miss them. It lets them know you cherish them and miss their closeness and affection. That is an inspirational gift and is perfect for long-distance relationships.

Captivating red preserved roses in crimson
Large Single Purple Rose in Transparent Acrylic Transparent Box

The Meaning Behind the Number of Roses

Did you know that seven roses show a deep infatuation with the person they're given to? That might help if you're looking to make a gesture and spark a new romance.

Moving up a little bit, eleven roses emphasises that you love them more truly and deeply than you thought was possible.

Presented in stunning Rose Boxes, 12 forever roses are there to emote how much you appreciate a person's presence. When explained in white, this signifies a sincere and pure commitment. If you want to initiate a romantic connection, then a bouquet of a dozen pink roses asks, 'Would you Be Mine?'.

Stunning Preserved Roses In Suede Hatbox
Lavender Roses in Round Pink Box

The Number of Roses You Should Give on Typical and Recurring Occasions

For those seeking the best flowers to say sorry, look no further than a box of 18 roses. This number has long been associated with saying sorry, with extra love. However, it can also send the message to the recipient that remains beautiful in your eyes. Depending on the context and the colour of the roses you send, they can have a specific meaning.

25 roses are for all your recent graduates, new parents and all those who deserve congratulations. For example, choose yellow roses to congratulate a dear friend on securing a new job. Or, select a soft shade of pink roses to express happiness and gratitude for your partner after delivering your new baby.

50 roses symbolise your unconditional love. A luxury box of 50 red roses is the ultimate choice for a sweeping romantic gesture for the person you hold dearest to you. So that might be a good time to introduce the brand new deluxe-sized round suede rose boxes.

Deep Red Roses in round black suede rose box
Deep Red Roses in Round Rose Box

Surprise Someone Special with 100 Roses

100 roses makes a strong statement. Such an out-of-the-ordinary gift with take anyone by surprise and is often used to demonstrate how eternal your love truly is, how sorry you really are, or how happy you feel: the sky is the limit with such a unique super deluxe floral arrangement.

Buy the Right Number of Roses to Send Your Message

Show your loved one, family member or special friend how much you care and send them a box of roses. Please choose from our beautiful range of infinity roses in 14 delicate pastel colours, available in round or square hatboxes with suede or matte finish. And don't forget, if you need any help choosing the perfect gift for your loved one, our personal shop assistants are online and always happy to help. Order your rose box today!

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