Eco Friendly, Sustainable Wedding Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet

Eco Friendly, Sustainable Wedding Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet

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When it comes to weddings, one of the most important details is the choice of your wedding flowers. After all, they add romance, beauty, and a touch of luxury to the big day. But did you know that choosing an eco-friendly bridal bouquet is a great way to be sustainable and kind to the environment? Here are four reasons every bride should consider using dried flowers for weddings:

1. Dried flowers are environmentally friendly

Unlike fresh flowers, which require lots of water and chemicals to grow, dried flowers are a sustainable choice that doesn't put a strain on our natural resources. 

2. They Last a very long time

A wedding flower arrangement with forever flowers created and produced by Amaranté is guaranteed to last one year. It can last as long as three years. You can keep your bridal bouquet as a lovely memento of your special day long after. Many brides attempt to preserve their bridal bouquet but often fail. The process can be tricky and requires your attention. If you fail, you will lose your bouquet. With forever flowers, you'll avoid this problem.

3. Cost Effective

The production of dried flowers is a long and tedious process. One may view the cost of these flowers for weddings and other occasions as too expensive. However, if we factor into the price, their low carbon footprint and their long-lasting beauty and fragrance it becomes easy to see how they are, indeed, cost-effective.

4. They add a unique touch to the Wedding

Let's be honest: everyone has seen fresh flower bouquets before. Wedding flower arrangements created with forever flowers are a new trendy way to state your passion and commitment against climate change and sustainability.  

A Unique Luxury Bouquet for your Wedding 

Most women dream of having a unique and memorable wedding; every detail matters, from the wedding centrepieces to the bridal bouquet.

Our bridal bouquets made with forever flowers are as beautiful as those coming straight from a garden. Besides, what better way to express love and gratitude than to do it in an eco-friendly fashion.

Bridal Bouquets That Last Years Not Days

The biggest drawback of purchasing fresh blooms is that their shelf life is longer than a few weeks. Couples often spend weeks, if not months, deciding on their wedding theme and choosing their wedding flowers. Unfortunately, after the Wedding is over, traditional flowers are lifeless before you know it. On the other hand,  a bridal bouquet with forever flowers will last for years and act as a fitting symbol of everlasting love.

A Luxury dried flower bouquet with nine very large bright red roses and a variation of Earth tonalities for an elegant Bridal Bouquet.

Adore You Bouquet


Sustainable Luxury Alternative

If you're afraid that purchasing eco-friendly wedding flowers or your bridal bouquet will compromise the elegance of your special day, put your fears aside. We design our forever flower bouquets, which are made in the UK. Our florists create some of the most luxurious wedding bouquets today. Our specialised personnel arrange and hand-tie each bouquet here in London.

Whether you're looking for bright flowers or you prefer neutral tones - you'll find the flowers that best suit your needs.

For example, the summer Heat bouquet would be ideal for couples who prefer bright flowers. Similarly, the Pink Rebellion sustainable preserved wedding bouquet might be the right choice for couples who want a neutral or boho theme.

Forever Flowers for Low Maintenance

Most couples fly off to their honeymoon right after their Wedding, with the last thing on their mind being who will care for the flowers. Dried flowers are a game-changer as they don't demand special care.

Our flowers will continue to light up your home with their look and fragrance without any special care needed.

Dried Flower Bouquet for weddings, featuring three infinity roses and mostly pink dried blooms
Pink Rebellion Bouquet
Amaranté Forever Flowers for Weddings
Our Wedding Collection

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