Choose a Stunning Preserved Wedding Bouquet, for a Sustainable Wedding

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Most women dream of having a unique and memorable wedding; every detail matters from the wedding centrepieces to the bridal bouquet. So keeping that in mind, why not help the planet by choosing a preserved wedding bouquet for your big day!

On your special day, replace fresh wedding flowers with these sustainable wedding flowers. Each of these bouquets appears as heavenly and beautiful as the flowers coming straight from a garden. Besides, what better way to express love and gratitude than to do it in an eco-friendly fashion. Continue reading this guide to discover why organic flowers are the right choice for your big day.

You Get to Hold on to the Wedding Flowers for Years

The biggest drawback of purchasing fresh blooms is that their shelf life is longer than a few weeks. Every couple spends weeks, or even months, deciding which preserved flowers are the perfect fit for their memorable day. But, as soon as the wedding is over, the flowers are lifeless before you know it. Luckily, the preserved wedding flowers last for years and act as a fitting symbol of everlasting love.

A unique preservation method is used here to dry the flowers. Keeping that in mind, once the wedding day is over, you could dedicate a corner of your house to keep those flowers as a memory. You could even decorate the Earth friendly flowers around your home or hand them over to your loved ones as a token of appreciation.

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Stunning Dried Flowers

If you're afraid that purchasing these flowers would mean compromising the floral arrangement outlook, you shall put your fears aside. The head florist is a magician when it comes to putting flowers together. Each preserved wedding bouquet is arranged and tied together with extra love and care.

Whether you're looking for bright flowers or you prefer neutral tones - you'll find a preserved wedding bouquet that suits your needs. All you have to do is look through the wedding flowers section and choose the scents that you connect with instantly. For example, for couples who prefer bright flowers, the Summer Heat bouquet would be ideal. Similarly, the Pink Rebellion sustainable preserved wedding bouquet might be the right choice for couples who want a neutral or boho theme.

Dried Wedding Flowers for Low Maintenance

Most couples fly off to their honeymoon right after their wedding, with the last thing on their mind being who will care for their wedding flowers. The eco flowers are a game-changer as they don't demand special care of any sort. You can decorate the gorgeous flowers around your home and leave them there - just as you would leave a stunning showpiece.

The Earth conscious flowers will continue to light up your home with floral essence without any special care needed. So whether you're off to your honeymoon or you're simply a busy person, wedding flowers need minimal attention. Plus, you'll be greeted with floral freshness every time you walk into your home.

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Tender Pink Rebellion Flowers

Order Your preserved Flowers Today

You can choose a single bouquet or choose a combination of your choice. Since each fragrance comes wrapped beautifully, you won't have to worry about arranging them. Instead, they can be kept on tables as wedding centrepieces and carried down the aisle as delivered. Visit the website's wedding or eco flowers section to order London's best ethically sourced sustainable flowers Today. You can opt for click or collect, or if you don't live nearby, then the door to door delivery service would be ideal.

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