Sorry Flowers

Sorry Flowers

It can be hard to find the right way to say you’re sorry. Although they might not be the easiest words to say, they can be shown through the right gift. Why not send a beautiful bouquet of flowers that will perfectly demonstrate how sorry you are?      

As well as being a gorgeous gift, flowers are also known and loved for raising the mood, which is exactly what you want when apologising to someone. 

All orders with Amaranté make have a positive effect on the environment. No matter what kind of flowers you’re gifting, every bouquet is hand-made to order, ensuring we create no waste. We also plant two trees for every order, giving back to the planet and doing our bit to support reforestation efforts.

Sorry Flowers FAQs

No matter what you’re sorry for, using flowers to convey your feelings can be just what it takes. While known for being romantic, roses of all colours are one of the most popular flowers to give as an apology. When apologising to a partner, you can’t go wrong with a box of red roses. But when apologising to a friend, yellow, the colour of friendship, is the ideal choice.

Flowers always make a gorgeous gift, but also very personal one. When saying sorry, you want the person to know that you’re saying it from the heart, meaning both roses and bouquets are an excellent gift to solidify your apology and make it sincere.

Admitting your wrong to a friend can be really hard. The gift of yellow blooms, whether in the form of roses or a bouquet, are a very popular choice given that yellow represents friendship. Find out what type of flowers your friend will adore and allow your emotions to shine through your floral gift.