The Best Friendship Flowers

The Best Friendship Flowers

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Friendship comes in all different shapes and sizes. These past few years have been very weird. They also showed how important maintaining a good relationship with people is.

But how do you show your affection? What kind of love language is best?

For some, friendships are the most important relationships in their lives. Real friendships can be hard to keep when you have to go months, or years, without being able to see each other in person.

Why not send a flower?

Flowers are a universal sign that you’re thinking about someone. It never fails to brighten up a person’s day. Whether coming home to a new delivery or having your office brightened up with a bush of roses.

It’s simply the best feeling.

But which flowers are best to send to a friend? How do you say you love someone without it coming across romantically?

Don’t panic! Here’s a nifty tip sheet for the best gifts that’ll have your friends in tears (of joy!) in no time.

Give your friend a memorable and beautiful gift that can survive for years.

Bright Yellow to Shine throughout Dark Days

Yellow is the colour of friendship. It’s bright and bold. It represents joy and symbolises the special connection people can share. So, what could be more perfect than a timeless yellow rose?

With this bouquet, you have the power to choose the perfect gift. From a single flower to an extra-large square, or circle, suede hatbox. A choice of blue, grey, pink, red and beige suede. Anything to personalise your choice of "best bud" flowers. Gift any amazing arrangements to a friend you know would adore these the most.

Yellow Flowers about Friendship
Preserved Flowers

Plump Peach to Thank a Dear friend

This flower is all about thanking them for being there. If your friend means the world to you, and you need a way to show it, look no further!

Peach is the colour of graciousness and elegance. When paired with a champagne colour (Or actual champagne) it is a gorgeous gift.

Pick out the best flower gifts from a wide range of boxes and arrangements. These are roses that show how powerful your bonds are.

Peachy Keen flowers about friendship
Champagne Infinity Rose

Mint Green For an Out-of-the-box Hatbox!

Were you expecting red on this list? If so, you’ll be disappointed. While the classic flower of love is a great thing to receive, why not shake things up a bit?

This kind of green is the new red! Sort of…

Green has always been a vibrant colour. Representing new life, and new opportunities!

This is a mischievous colour, and the dreamiest gift for any friend starting a new point in their life!

Know someone who’s gotten a job in their dream profession? Or bought a house with a partner? Send these flowers and blow them off their feet!

Flowers about friendship that are personal
Minty Infinity Roses

A Flowery Mission for The World

We only have only one goal: To flood the world with flowers, not melting ice caps. That’s why every sale made plants two trees, ensuring a carbon neutral delivery!

All roses are sustainably grown from farms in Ecuador. Fair trade and carbon-neutral practices engaged at all levels.

Make your friends smile with a bouquet that will not only last for years but save the planet some too!

  • Average sized hatbox for Preserved flowers
  • Classic red velvet box in square design
  • A tiny box for big flowers about friendship
    infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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