Amaranté Flowers for Hotels dress Room2, the first hometel in London

Amaranté Flowers for Hotels dress Room2, the first hometel in London

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Our incredible team had the opportunity to dress London's first 'hometel' Room2.

Room2 is inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement and advocates for sustainability and the local arts industry. London's first hometel is located in the heart of Chiswick, surrounded by cafes and boutiques, providing a leafy green retreat while still being in central London. The 86 crafted hotel rooms offer convenience and luxury.

This hotel is the world's first whole life net zero hometel. From conception through to end-of-life, this hotel has reduced all the carbon emissions and rebalanced to zero. Room2 Chiswick is set to be 89% more efficient than your average hotel, allowing you to make conscious decisions, even when travelling.

They were seeking an experienced event florist who could design and create flowers for hotels. They partnered with Amaranté because of our unique methods: we don't hold stock and create waste. We emit a certain amount of CO2 for every flower picked and shipped. By respecting the produce, we ensure that we create the least possible CO2 emissions.

A unique bespoke dried flower bouquet design, created especially for the entrance.
Flowers for Hotels: Room Decoration
 Detailed view of the bouquet in a vase for this hotel.
Flowers for Hotels: Restaurant Area


Room2 was seeking flowers for hotels that could elevate their specially crafted rooms with eco-friendly florals and foliage. Our dried flowers and roses in rose boxes are also very on-brand since Room2 always puts the planet first. They even covered their roof with plants to boost biodiversity.

A bespoke floral tree with deep jungle greens to match the theme.
Our Flowers for Hotels were a perfect match with Nova's jungle theme

The Flowers we Created for This Hotel

Room2 wanted to make sure we used dried flowers that would radiate freshness and complement the art décor with healthy tones. We employed botanicals like Eucalyptus in different varieties, such as Parvi and Nicoli, as they're deep in tone and complement the locally sourced furniture and artwork.

They wanted all the rooms in the hotel to feel like a home away from home, where small home comforts such as flowers are a given. As an eco-friendly event florist, we were able to bring their unique spaces alive while continuing their mission to protect the planet. Our uplifting stems of dried flowers and foliage last for years with only a tiny bit of dusting to maintain their vibrant and fresh look for as long as three years.

We provided them with a variety of dried flower bouquets from each of our collections, as well as a bespoke Extra Large Fallen Leaves bouquet. Our talented florists also took our well-established arrangement and fashioned matching jars for their restaurant. Taking the warm and inviting colours of Autumn that inspired the bouquet and turning them into small packages of joy for guests to get up close and personal with.

Bespoke floral installation in a vase.
Flowers for the Hotel Restaurant:
A floral table arrangement with one of our smaller bouquets in the restaurant.
Bouquet positioned on a table in the restaurant area of the hotel

Amaranté Eco-Friendly Flowers for Hotels

Flowers are an important aspect of any hotel's décor. They not only create a warm and pleasant atmosphere but also give guests that feeling of home many like and appreciate when staying in a hotel. Only an experienced event florist can design flowers for hotels to deliver this unique experience into their customers' lives.

Our florists are experienced in the design and creation of flowers for events for corporate clients. This experience guarantees that we can help you in the decision process and offer suggestions based on examples. We provide guidance and full support in all phases of the activity.

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