Nobel Panacea at Harrods in London Chooses Amaranté Event Florist

Nobel Panacea at Harrods in London Chooses Amaranté Event Florist

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When Noble Panacea said they choose Amaranté as their event florist to create a floral display for their pop-up in the atrium of Harrods in London, we were over the moon. It was an amazing opportunity and we wanted to do right by the brand by bringing their products to life with a stunning floral arrangement as a backdrop.

Luxury dried flower bouquet in a white round matte finish box
Dried Flower Bouquet for Noble Panacea, Harrods in London


Noble Panacea was seeking an event florist who could understand their sustainable values and all-natural products and value them with a unique and luxurious floral arrangement that would fit well within the charming, place we all know Harrods to be.

That being said, Noble Panacea envisioned a neutral colour palette much like their own branding. We got together and started the same way we always do. Our team presented their ideas to each other and started to discuss how we could use our dried flowers to create the luxury and authenticity needed for this floral pop-up.

Dried flowers in a large bouquet for a rich vsual experience to value Noble Panacea products on display
Beautiful blooms in Harrods


Our florists used Oat flowers and Fern leaves to exhibit some of the main ingredients in their products. The floral design was based on a plethora of other idyllic stems including whimsical Baby’s Breath and the softest Bunny Tails. This was to reflect their natural approach to creating skincare. The main blooms of this bouquet were complimented by adding tall and dreamy Pampas along with other soothing foliage. This was to be in the form of unforgettable Eucalyptus, another frequent active ingredient in Noble Panacea’s skincare. The idea behind using plants that can actually be found in their products was to adequately represent this brands science and philosophy.

The result was an exclusive bouquet that brought life to their pop-up and maintained their muted aesthetic. Such an enchanting display invited their visitors with warmth and comfort.

Amaranté London, Even Florist

Amaranté is an experienced event florist in London that can help design, create and produce corporate event flowers. We create a stunning and cohesive floral event themes with our eco-sustainable infinity roses and dried flowers. We’re incredibly proud to say we cater for all kinds of events and clients.

Every event is unique. Our florists design and produce bespoke floral event themes that are both stylish and sophisticated. If you are planning a corporate event in London, call us at 0204 525 6518 and speak to our customer support or use the contact form to send information and help us understand how we can bring your event to life. Please provide as much information as you can too. For instance, the space you are working with, what kind of design you have in mind and how we can help you with it.

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