Wedding Flowers That'll Make The Day More Memorable

It's no secret that your wedding day is one of the most beautiful and meaningful days of your life, & you'd want to hold on to as many memories from this day as you can. From your wedding flowers to the wedding centrepieces - everything holds emotional value. Luckily, holding on to the little things that make your wedding day beautiful is possible. Here at Amarante, we offer stunning preserved wedding flowers that remain fresh for up to three years. We believe dried flower wedding bouquets and decorations are the best way to create lasting memories instead of ones that fade within days.

Carry dried wedding flowers as you walk down the aisle

Out of all the wedding flowers that surround you on your big day, the most important would be the ones you carry down the aisle. It's not just a bouquet; it's a precious part of your special day. You can choose from our stunning variety of dried flower wedding bouquets to carry down the aisle, each of which has its look and feel. Not to mention, all of our dried flowers come elegantly wrapped together and can be customised to your personal preference as well. Once the day is over, you can throw the bouquet in the air for one of your loved ones to take home, or you can decorate it in your home to add some floral essence. It'll surely keep the wedding spirit alive and remind you & your loved one of your big day.

Gift your guests a token of appreciation - A single wedding rose

Single red rose in an acrylic box
Single red infinity rose arranged in a transparent acrylic box

Nothing shows gratefulness and appreciation better than our single rose in an acrylic jewellery box. It’s the perfect way to show to your guests how pleased you are that your friends and loved ones joined you on this auspicious occasion.

Our single roses are fully blown, 5-6 cm in size, and smell lavishly good. It's the perfect little memory for everyone to hold on to. Your guests will remember this gesture for years to come, and it’ll make your special day even more memorable for all the people who took time out to share your happiness.

Plus, our roses come in 15 different colours, so you can choose between different colours as you please. After all, each colour of our stunning roses represents different sentiments.

Use preserved wedding flowers as your wedding centrepieces

Infinity roses: light pink
Light pink infinity roses arranged in a square hatbox

If you want to choose the perfect wedding centrepieces, our infinity roses are absolutely stunning and smell exactly like the real thing - except they last a lot longer. We offer floral centrepieces that can be further gifted, or re-used in other events for up to three years. Alternatively, you can brighten up your home with Amarante’s dried flowers. Our stunning wedding roses come in 15 unique colours. They not only create the perfect wedding environment, but they also represent lasting love as their life span is up to three years. So, you can hold on to a special part of your wedding day by investing in wedding flowers that shall keep the newlywed spirit alive for years to come.

Hire a photographer to capture your precious moments

Once you've decided on the perfect wedding centrepieces, the ideal flower bouquet to carry, and the suitable floral decoration for your big day - you'd want to capture it all. After all, there isn't a better way to cherish memories than through photo albums and photo frames. Ideally, you can hire a photographer and simply enjoy your special day as they capture your precious moments with perfection. You can even get extra copies printed and distribute some of these photos amongst your loved ones. After that, you can design a little corner in your home where you can place your wedding pictures alongside your stunning preserved wedding flowers. the newlywed spirit won't be gone anytime soon as you can relive your special moments whenever you want to, and the newlywed spirit won't be gone anytime soon.

Surprise your partner with a beautiful red rose with a letter

Single red infinity rose
Single red infinity rose placed in acrylic jewellery box

One cannot undermine the power of a single rose. An extremely romantic gesture would be a stunning bright red rose inside a heartfelt love letter. Tell your partner how much this day means to you and just how lucky you feel as soon as you both can a moment to yourselves. Not only will this card be a reminder of your love for one another, but the rose can be a lasting symbol of your loving emotions—something you can hold on to for ages and cherish forever. You can even place that letter and rose along with your wedding roses and photo frames to create the perfect wedding corner after you return home.

Make your wedding day memorable with eco-sustainable wedding roses

While having flowers at your wedding is a must, the perfect way to make your wedding day more memorable is to go for preserved wedding flowers instead of regular ones. Not only do our preserved roses and flowers last up to three years, but they smell and look just as fresh as the real ones do.

You can re-use the wedding flowers to decorate your house, or you can re-use them on other events such as your birthday party, post-wedding dinners, or baby shower. Amarante offers the best quality preserved roses that come with a 365-day guarantee to make your day more memorable.

You can have a chat with one of our personal shoppers who'll assist you throughout your online shopping experience; then, you can either get the wedding flowers delivered to the address of your choice. Or you can even click and collect the flowers on the same day.

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