Wedding Flower Centrepieces for Your Special Day

Wedding Flower Centrepieces for Your Special Day

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For most women, it's their dream to have a wedding that not only looks breathtaking, but is also memorable for herself and her loved ones. In any marriage union, wedding centrepieces play an essential role in creating a particular atmosphere and expressing a couple's personality. So on your big day, choose wedding centrepieces that truly define your personality as well as your inner feelings. The easiest way to do this is by understanding what different colours of flowers represent.

Continue reading the guide to choose which infinity roses would create the perfect wedding centrepiece on your special day.

Stunning Pink and White Wedding Centrepiece Flowers

The combination of white and pink roses represents affection, elegance, and purity, making it perfect for weddings. So if you're affectionate & graceful, you've already found yourself excellent wedding centrepieces.

Enchanting wedding flower centrepieces in a small transparent box
Pink Forever Roses

You can customise the arrangement of the stunning roses according to your preference. The light pink and white shade roses create a heavenly atmosphere. After all, each of these infinity roses are preserved at their largest bloom, as though they've just been broken from a fresh rose garden.

Eventually, you can let your loved ones take home the stunning centrepieces & make the day truly memorable. Thankfully, the preserved roses come with a 365-day guarantee and last up to three years, making them the perfect representation of lasting love.

Bright Red and Hot Pink Rosettes

There's nothing that says 'romantic' louder than a bunch of dark red roses. Known for symbolising love and romance, vivid red roses are perfect for weddings. Similarly, a hot pink rose represents gratitude and appreciation. Doesn't that sound like the ideal combination to add to your special day?

Divine wedding flower centrepieces in a dapper pink suede box
Red Forever Roses

If you're passionate about your life-long partner and grateful for all that you've got, then choosing wedding centrepieces with bright red and hot pink roses is the perfect option for you. These roses are not only full-blown, but they feel and look as fresh as a non-preserved rose would. On top of that, you get to keep the stunning roses for years to come.

Gorgeous roses for wedding flower centrepieces, ideal for wedding guests
Dark Pink Forever Roses

Peach and White Wedding Florals

Simply thinking of peach and white roses surrounding you makes you feel like you're in heaven. Not only do peach roses look heavenly, but they represent gratitude and sincerity. Plus, peach tones reflect happiness in all aspects of life.

Delightful wedding flower centrepieces in a stylish beige suede box
Peach Roses

If you feel grateful for your big day and want to create an atmosphere that reflects life-long happiness, the peach infinity roses are breath taking wedding centrepieces. Adding the white roses in between would make the peach stand out and would certainly add an element of elegance and grace to the overall atmosphere.

Chic wedding flower centrepieces on a modern glass table
White Forever Roses

Navy Blue and White Wedding Blooms

Are you someone who aspires to be unique and loves to stand out? If so, the navy blue infinity roses are the perfect option to go with. Blue roses signify a fresh start full of joy and hope. Blue flowers are also considered suitable for weddings because they symbolise desire and love.

So if you're looking forward to this fresh start in your life and hope it will be full of miracles and happiness, the navy blue blossoms will make the perfect wedding centrepiece flowers on your big day. Of course, a few gorgeous white roses would make the blue roses pop out and look stunning. Not to mention, blue and white is a classic combination.

Luxurious wedding flower centrepieces in a contemporary box
Blue Roses

Why Choose Us for Your Special Day Arrangements?

Eco-friendly wedding flowers that will last up to 3 years. You're not only supporting a better environment altogether, but you're also purchasing flowers that make memories easier to hold on to. After all, who wouldn't want to hold on to flowers that carry so much meaning in their life?

Order the Perfect Wedding Centrepieces Today

Every aspect of your wedding day should be filled with positive emotions. So take this opportunity to truly express who you are and how you feel by customising the perfect floral wedding centrepieces. A range of stunning roses in 14 different colours are offered, and each of them holds a unique meaning.

It's important to know what each rose represents so you can find exactly what you're looking for. Then, once you're confident, you can click and collect the flowers, or you can shop online and get them delivered to an address of your choice.

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