Wedding Flowers For Weddings in Every Season

Here at Amarante, we have revolutionised flower gifting by preserving flowers when they're at their largest bloom. As a result, our flowers remain fresh and stunning for years. On top of that, our flowers come with a 365-day guarantee, making them the perfect wedding flowers that represent everlasting love.

Continue reading our guide to discover which of our preserved wedding roses or dried flowers would be a suitable gift for weddings in every season.

Wedding Roses to Gift in Summer

Summers are the peak wedding season, and it's best to know what you'll be gifting to friends or relative who are planning a wedding during summer. Out of the 14 colours of infinity roses we offer, the perfect wedding flowers in summer would be our lovely bunch of yellow roses - each at its largest bloom.

Not only does yellow represent summer and sunlight, but it symbolises joy, happiness and optimism. Show how you truly feel with a gift that shall light up their home for years to come.

Alternatively, you can go for a combination of our peach and mint-green roses, both being summer-friendly colours. While peach represents love, tenderness, and softness - mint green promotes feelings of tranquillity. Let the newlyweds take home a fresh & beautiful combination of wedding roses that'll continue to remind them of their special day and just how much you care.

Dried Flowers for Weddings in Fall

The second most popular wedding season would be autumn. After all, what's more beautiful than two people celebrating their love for each other, as colourful and vibrant as the leaves that cover the grounds around them.

Make the most of this beautiful occasion by gifting the love birds a beautifully arranged dried flower bouquet. We'd recommend our fallen leaves bouquet as it's inspired by autumnal flowers - putting together a bunch of warm and vibrant coloured Carthamus, Achillea, & Craspedia. Our fallen leaves bouquet would be the perfect addition to any newlyweds home.

Wedding Flowers to Gift in Spring

Infinity roses, Light pink
Pink forever roses in a square white hatbox

Getting married during Spring is magical, which is why it's also a popular wedding season. If you're looking forward to attending a loved one's wedding, take this opportunity to make their special day even more memorable. How? Simply by gifting them a beautifully arranged set of our stunning pink infinity roses.

Apart from being a spring-friendly colour, pink also represents joy & thankfulness with elegance. You can arrange our set of roses with a combination of light pink and hot pink roses, or you can add a few white roses as well. Not only will it look stunning, but it'll be a gift worth cherishing for years to come.

Dried Flowers for Weddings in the Winter

Bright red infinity roses in a round hatbox. When you think of weddings in the winters, the two colours that instantly come to mind are bright red and white. While bright red roses represent love, health & life, white roses represent young love and loyalty. Doesn't that sound like the perfect combination to give to a newlywed couple?

White large round rose box with red infinity roses
White large round rose box with red infinity roses

During the winter season, surprise the bride and groom with an arrangement of our white and red wedding roses. Not only will the gift last for years, but it will represent their everlasting love while adding floral freshness to their new home.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a gift that's even more unique, you can order our rustic meadow bouquet that beautifully ties together between 18 to 25 stems including Eucalyptus, Pampas, Helecho, Ruscus, Lazarus, and Dried Tritium Black Wisps.

Rustic Meadow Small Bouquet
Rustic Meadow Small Bouquet

Choosing the Ideal Flower Arrangement as a Wedding Gift

At Amarante, we offer a variety of arrangements in our infinity roses and dried flower bouquets. Our forever wedding roses come packed in a variety of aesthetic boxes; here are the available arrangements that you can choose from:

  • Extra-large round arrangement : 12" x 12" box with 30-38 roses
  • Extra-large square arrangement : 12" x 12" box with 36 42 roses
  • Large round arrangement : 9" x 9" box with 18-22 roses
  • Large square arrangement : 9" x 9" box with 25 - 30 roses
  • Medium round arrangement : 7" x 5'" box with 12 - 14 roses
  • Medium square arrangement: 5.5" x 5.5" box with 9 roses
  • Small square arrangement: 4" x 4" box with four roses
  • A single acrylic box: 3.5" x 3.5" with a single 5 - 6 cm rose at its largest bloom guide to choosing forever roses as a gift to decide which arrangement of our roses would be the perfect gift for your loved ones on their special occasion. Similarly, visit our dried flowers section to choose between varying sizes of our stunning dried flower bouquets. 

Order the Perfect Wedding Flowers Today

It doesn't matter who’s wedding your attending, and in which season the wedding takes place; We offer a variety of stunning wedding flowers that would make the perfect gift all year round. Plus, our dried flowers last up to three years, keeping the ‘just-married’ spirit alive for a lot longer than the usual few days.You can click and collect the flowers on the same day, or you can get them delivered to your doorstep.

In fact, you can choose from our extensive range of flowers and arrangements online and get them delivered to an address of your choice along with a gift card. After all, it’s not necessary to physically attend someone’s special day in order to show them how you truly feel.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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