Infinity Roses to Complement The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Infinity Roses to Complement The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

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The pressure to find The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift can, believe it or not, be just as hard as the dreaded Christmas present shopping. Year after year, as Valentine's Day approaches, flowers tend to be the first thing that comes to mind, whether a large bright bouquet or a rose box with elegant and romantic roses. But what about the times when flowers aren't the major gift?

Read on to see our most popular Rose Boxes for Valentine's Day to complement another gift for Valentine's Day - nothing beats a classic romantic gesture!

Chocolate – The Timeless Valentine's Gift

If there's something you can't go wrong with, it's chocolates at Valentine's. A sweet, creamy treat that will leave anyone craving more. A large box of sweetness calls out for roses that are just as sweet, although in a very different way.

Classic red roses strike that perfect balance between sophistication and every type of desire. Imagine sitting down with your Valentine for a delectable meal with the gift of a large box of succulent chocolates waiting along with a luxury rose box filled with delightful classic red roses. Is there ever a better combination than chocolates and roses to gift the one you love on Valentine's Day?

Nine large red roses in black matte finish rose box.
Classic Red Infinity Roses in Black Rose Box With Matte Finish

Teddys, Toys and All Delicate Gifts

Teddy bears are something that's loved universally. Even if they can be considered more of a guilty pleasure, it's hard to deny that soft plush toys are great to hug, no matter your age. They're also as popular as ever as a Valentine's Day gift.

What flowers are the perfect match for a soft, loving teddy? Delicate in form and colour alike, light pink roses are a gorgeous match that conveys the message of love in every form. After all, Valentine's Day is no longer just about romantic gifts but about showing friends and family alike how much you love and care for them.

Four Large Light Pink Infinity Roses in a Rose Box with white matte Finish.
4 Light Pink Infinity Roses in Small Rose Box with White Matte Finish

Rings, Bracelets and Jewellery of Every Kind

It goes without saying, jewellery always makes for a wonderful present, especially for Valentine's Day. With an array of rings, bracelets and necklaces to choose from, there will always be something that your Valentine will adore. But what colour jewellery to choose?

With years of love behind them, gold and silver are a tradition worth keeping. Gold is often a favourite and recognised as a colour of noble importance; definitely, the right choice when wishing to make someone you love feel special. We can say the same for silver.

In line with the theme of distinguished elegance, champagne infinity roses are for when you're gifting a piece of shiny golden jewellery - especially when champagne is also on the cards for your Valentine's celebrations. In terms of silver, white infinity roses are the ideal pairing. Silver is equally tasteful and a favourite amongst many, known for being stylish and sophisticated. Silver has also become a preferred choice in every form of jewellery.

13 Large Champagne infinity roses in a black suede rose box
Champagne Infinity Roses in a Rose Box
13 White infinity roses arranged in a grey suede rose box
13 Large White Infinity Roses in Grey Hatbox

A Gift to Last, Just Like Your Love

There are all sorts of presents you can buy your loved ones this Valentine's, but the best gifts are those that not only mean something but can also be treasured. Our infinity roses are naturally preserved to last far longer than freshly cut roses, along with having a far better impact on the environment.

Packed with love, meaning and long-lasting memories, a rose box for Valentine's Day is perfect for your special someone. If you're still not sure which rose box is the right one for her/him, see our collection of the most popular Roses for Valentine's Day in Rose Boxes.

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