Valentine's Day Flowers with Free Delivery Option

Valentine's Day Flowers with Free Delivery Option

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Valentine's day is fast approaching, and there is no better way to express love, gratitude, and romance, than with Red Roses. Single infinity roses come not only in red, but also in various colours that suit all occasions, events, and preferences. But, more extraordinary is that they are presented in elegant acrylic jewellery boxes, ideal for treasuring special memories for longer. So, when did this celebration begin, and why are Roses for Valentine's Day considered a must?

Transparent acrylic rose box containg a single red infinity rose
Red Infinity Rose in acrylic Rose box

People believe that Saint Valentine used to be a Romanian priest that was imprisoned for supporting persecuted Christians. Others state that St Valentine would perform at clandestine Christian weddings, usually for soldiers prohibited from marrying. It is said that the Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade this, so his army could grow. Legend has it that the saint would cut parchment in the shape of hearts and give them to the soldiers. That was done to remind the vows and God's love. Many say that this could be the reason for using hearts today. While many folklores surround the origin of this event, one that remains is the celebration of love that it symbolises. What role do flowers play in all of this, you ask?

Single Infinity Rose in Acrylic Rose Box
Hot Pink Single Infinity Rose in a Rose Box

The Origin of Valentine's Day Flowers

The custom of giving and receiving flowers on valentine's dates back to the 17th century. Roses were mainly used as Valentine's Day Flowers due to their characterisation of love and romance. However, the tradition goes back to giving gifts, where flowers were believed to send non-verbal messages. Send flowers to deliver your message, create a personalised present with a single eternal rose in 14 colours.

Here are the top two rose colours to get for an enchanting gift on this day of love

Red Roses for Valentine's Day

Delve into a romantic day with a variety of gorgeous Single Red Roses for Valentine's Day. If it's a traditional gift you are after, look no further than this magical bloom. Infused with fiery shades, the colour denotes romance, danger, and appreciation. It is the colour of admiration, determination, and courage. Many also believe that the colour increase appetite, making this rose great if you have a romantic dinner planned.

It is available in three sizes-small, medium and single. For a classic implication of love at first sight, opt for the single option.

Pink Roses on Valentine's Day

Who says a gift on this occasion is for a significant other only? You can use valentines day to celebrate the love you have for your family, friends, and those you hold dear with pink roses. While being a timeless choice for this celebration, pink roses can be a fun and tender option for this time of year. This blushing single pink infinity rose connotes thankfulness, love, and beauty. It also symbolises sensitivity, innocence, and calmness. That makes it an idyllic choice for a girlfriend, friend, or wife.

Single Pink Infinity Rose in jewellery box
Pink Forever Rose in transparent jewellery box

Flower Delivery for Valentine's Day

We offer a wide range of delivery options, meaning you won't miss out on getting your blooms delivered, no matter where you are in the world. We offer a Same Day London service for those in London if you place your order before 12 pm. You can even come and collect your flowers straight from us within business hours.

Free Delivery Option

With Amaranté you can have free delivery. We offer a free delivery option via national express available where your order will arrive between 1 and 3 working days. We also ship inferentially to 250 countries - some as quick as next day!

Schedule your Valentine's Day Flower Delivery

If there's a certain date you would like your flowers delivered, you can schedule your flower delivery with our specified date delivery option. Whether you place your order a day or a month before you would like it to be delivered, simply select this delivery at the checkout along with the specified date you would like your order to be delivered - perfect for a surprise gift!

Send Flowers and Celebrate Valentine's Day the Right Way: with a Forever Rose

These majestic forever roses are created using a unique preservation method. They are more remarkable because they last for years, not days. So, you can enjoy these Valentine's Day Flowers and the memory of this day for as long as three years. Forever Roses don't need water – only an occasional dusting is necessary from time to time.

They are an excellent choice for all events or themes. So, if you would like to send flowers to your special one but want more inspiration for gift ideas, click here!

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
Flower for Valentine's Day

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