The Secret Language of Our Eco Friendly Flowers

The Secret Language of Our Eco Friendly Flowers

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Choose from a wide array of eco friendly flowers, for mesmerising Earth conscious gifts.

Throughout history, no flower has equalled the rose's classic beauty and sweet fragrance. In fact, roses are a popular favourite to send heartfelt messages to spouses, friends, and loved ones. Roses are far more than just pretty flowers. In fact, depending on their blooms' colour, they can convey different messages to those who receive them.

Today, you'll learn about the language of our eternal roses, also known as Floriography. Dating back to the Victorian era, this field of study employs various flowers and colours to coded communication. You'll discover how the colour of your rose arrangement can help you send a special message to your loved ones.

What do Different Rose Colours Symbolise?

Roses have the power to express affection, appreciation, and gratitude. So whether your message is love, friendship, or remembrance, pay extra attention when deciding on the colour you choose.

We bring you one of the most nuanced colour selections on the market. Our eternal roses are a thoughtful and luxurious gift that keeps your emotions alive for up to three years. Our elegant, eternal roses are the ultimate choice for Earth conscious gifts or even a statement piece for your home.

Here, we have listed our top Roses and what each of their delicate colours resembles.

The Ultimate Symbol of Love, Passion, and Longing

Nothing says I love you like a beautiful red forever rose arrangement. The red rose is the ultimate symbol of romantic love and everlasting passion all over the world. The sheer beauty of the red rose characterises throbbing feelings of love and a passionate expression of attraction. Red can evoke a sensual and deep response in the human brain. This colour also conveys respect.

It represents the strong bond between lovers, making the red rose known as the lovers' rose. Deep red or wine roses are the perfect choices to express your passionate feelings to your lover. Although not as traditional as the classic red rose, this burgundy shade implies elegance and unconscious beauty. In the Victorian era, people considered wine roses to express profound devotion.

Today, lovers give burgundy roses to declare their readiness for a long-term commitment. It also denotes their deep love and passion. This deep red colour is captivating and enigmatic and represents deep feelings. Giving these eco friendly flowers as a gift will help you break down all communication barriers between you and your lover.

Divine red Forever Roses infused with fiery colours
Red Forever Roses in Pink Rose Box

Purity, Chastity, and Innocence 

Associated with marriage and spirituality by Western Cultures, the white Rose is also called the bridal rose. It symbolises new beginnings. Many give white roses at weddings and other ceremonial occasions. This includes christenings and graduations.

White roses have been synonymous with purity and virtue. But, their beauty has also made them a symbol of respect and remembrance. Their pure colour makes these forever roses an appropriate choice for farewells and supports someone grieving the loss of a loved one.

Charm and Thoughtfulness

Pink roses were the first farmed roses and are universally recognised are some of the most popular flowers. These roses can make someone's day by expressing just the right emotion without saying a word.

They are graceful and delicate blossoms that symbolise gratitude, grace, and joy. These flowers can also carry more meanings depending on their shade.

We prepare unique forever rose arrangements with hot pink and pastel pink eternal roses. While a deeper pink conveys gratitude, light pink means tenderness and admiration.

Enchantment and Adoration

Lavender forever roses became a widely popular alternative to red or pink roses as gifts on romantic occasions. This eye-catching shade is an original choice that will make a striking impression.

Lavender has its symbolic romantic meaning. Lavender roses are often given as a sign of enchantment and love at first sight. At the same time, these flowers also make for a trendy home decor accessory for anyone looking to add a pastel accent to their living space.

The colour purple is magnetic and charming. In contrast to the lighter shade, deep purple evokes persistence and a desire to create something long-lasting.

Darker hues of these purple eco friendly flowers are often associated with royalty and luxury and remind of the sumptuous gowns worn by kings and queens. However, they are the perfect flowers to celebrate unique events and once-in-a-lifetime occasions.

Luxurious purple roses in rose boxes bursting with tranquilising colours
Purple Forever Roses

Mystery, Wonder, and Uniqueness

Unlike other rose colours, blue roses do not exist in nature. As a result, these roses convey a sense of mystery and impossible achievement.

Blue roses embody unattainable love and desire and are perfect to complement a complex personality that does not allow for straightforward interpretation. These mesmerising roses also stand for the impossible something that is hardly reachable. Still, you cannot get out of your head.

We create stunning floral arrangements with royal and light blue infinity roses. While the deeper shade symbolises mystery and intrigue, a lighter shade of blue denotes the first stages of love.

Joy, Friendship, and Good Luck

A bright and vibrant colour, yellow is the most cheerful choice for flower arrangements. Sending yellow roses to a friend is a kind and thoughtful way to show them you care and cherish your friendship.

During Victorian times, people interpreted yellow as a "pale" colour. As a result, it carries negative meanings, such as jealousy, lack of enthusiasm, and infidelity.

Yellow eco friendly flowers have come to represent optimism, joy, and care in modern times. But, at the same time, you shouldn't give yellow infinity roses to someone you are romantically interested in. This shade is the only one that has no romantic meaning behind it. Instead, the colour suggests that you would prefer to stay in the friend zone.

Delightful yellow Roses infused with warm colours
Yellow Eternal Roses

Modesty, Honesty, and Appreciation.

For magnificent Earth conscious gifts for a friend, consider the sweet and understated peach as a delicate and charming colour. Peach roses combine simple elegance and breath-taking beauty with the concept of modesty.

Thus, peach eco friendly flowers are ideal for expressing gratitude and are a perfect gift to celebrate a deal's closing. When things have gone smoothly or a business arrangement has concluded positively, peach roses are an excellent surprise that symbolises loyalty and harmony.

Sympathy and Compassion 

Black roses do not exist in nature. Yet, with their mystical aura, they possibly carry the most complicated meaning to decipher. The colour black can represent everything from elusiveness to death, mourning, and farewell.

Black may not be the first colour that comes to mind when thinking about love and friendship. Still, these unique eco friendly flowers carry a positive meaning of rebirth and new beginnings, inspiring confidence during times of significant changes or upheaval.

Deep Feelings that Last Forever

We offer you a rich selection of Fairtrade eternal roses arranged into high-quality, handcrafted cardboard or suede hatboxes. Unlike fresh-cut roses, our eco friendly flowers will retain their gorgeous look for at least 365 days. So they will remind anyone who receives them of your feelings for years, not days.

Now that you can easily recognise the meaning behind each colour, you'll be able to surprise your loved one with the forever rose arrangement that best matches your emotions. They are great for any occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries. So, if you are interested in reading more about our Roses for specific occasions, click here!

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