Forever Roses In Jewellery Boxes For A Gift He Won't Forget

Forever Roses In Jewellery Boxes For A Gift He Won't Forget

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Flowers have always traditionally been associated with femininity, due to their fragility, delicate aroma, and magnetic colours. However, in more recent times, giving flowers has become a popular way to express love, gratitude, and appreciation for a husband, father, co-worker, or any other man in your life.

Forever roses arranged in a luxury acrylic jewellery organiser is a versatile, made-to-order, floral eco gift that will make any man feel special and appreciated.

These boxes are not only a great option to display your beautiful, preserved roses. Depending on the size of the arrangement, your loved one will also have the ability to use the box as a jewellery organiser to store watches, accessories, and more.

Treating an important man in your life with something special can be a challenge. Read on for suggestions to help you choose the right occasion to surprise any men in your life with one of our forever rose arrangements.

The Right Forever Rose Acrylic Box

Black Forever Roses in Jewellery Box
Nine Black Forever Roses in Jewellery Box

There is such a beautiful selection of acrylic jewellery boxes to accompany equally exquisite luxurious Fairtrade infinity roses, designed for long lasting bliss. These versatile boxes are perfect for displaying your preserved roses and storing accessories.

These jewellery organiser arrangements come in different colours and in three different sizes:

  • Medium: 8"x 8", 9 large roses;
  • Small: 8"x 5", 4 large roses;
  • Single-rose: 8" x8", one extra-large rose.

Designed the upper portion of the box to protect and display your forever roses. Many use our boxes with a single drawer for storing any item of your choice.

Each acrylic jewellery box is presented with an elegant satin ribbon and comes with a lid that adds an extra layer of protection to your forever roses by preserving them from dust and damage.

The Right Message for Any Special Occasion

9 pink preserved roses in jewellery organiser
9 Pink Preserved Roses in Jewellery Organiser
9 purple preserved roses in jewellery organiser
9 Purple Preserved Roses in Jewellery Organiser

Just like everyone else, men love receiving flowers as gifts. We have carefully arranged and organised our forever rose delivery services to help you surprise any special man in your life with a luxurious gift, anywhere in the world.

Preserved roses in acrylic jewellery boxes are the ultimate gift for him, as they combine signature forever roses with versatile boxes that he can use to store his favourite accessories.

Every product is also made to order, allowing for full customisation. Whatever the occasion, you can rest assured there's a floral arrangement that says what's on your mind.

Celebrate His Achievements

A composition of bright infinity roses is precisely what you need to make his day and celebrate a personal or professional achievement.

Whenever there's a reason to celebrate, these forever roses jewellery boxes are guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression on any of these special occasions:

  • Graduations: wine red preserved roses in a jewellery box are a perfect choice to celebrate his efforts and persistence in his studies, as their deep colour symbolises passion.
  • Carrier milestones: Yellow roses are often used to celebrate hard work and career achievements. Thanks to the box's protective lid, he can display his preserved roses in an acrylic box in his office, without worrying about dust depositing on the flowers. This luxurious flower arrangement will brighten up his workspace for up to three years.
  • New house: Our single rose in an acrylic jewellery box is the ideal present to celebrate such an important milestone as purchasing a new home. The box's practical drawer can efficiently serve as a pocket emptier or tray to hold keys.

Romantic Anniversaries

The rose is universally recognised as the quintessential symbol of love. In fact, red forever roses are your go-to flowers when you want to let your date, boyfriend, or husband know that you love him, or simply you wish to express your devotion and admiration.

For centuries, red roses have been a symbol of love and passion. Our red eternal roses arranged in a stunning crystal-clear acrylic box are the ideal gift to surprise him on special romantic occasions, like wedding anniversaries.

Nine eternal roses in acrylic jewellery box (Detailed View)
Red Roses in Jewellery Box Wrapped with Black Ribbon
Nine eternal roses in acrylic jewellery box
Eternal Roses in Acrylic Jewellery Boxes


If you are still unsure whether a rose arrangement is the right birthday eco gift for your beloved one, you can always pair a brand-new accessory with an elegant acrylic jewellery organiser. In fact, these elegant boxes will make for the most luxurious packaging to accompany any necklace, ring, bracelet, or watch.

Each acrylic box comes with a lid designed to keep his forever rose secure and protected. Our arrangements are also excellent home décor accessories: he can choose to display his jewellery box in his closet or bedroom, to add an elegant touch to his living space. Alternatively, our acrylic jewellery organiser is perfect to accompany any chocolate or candy gift and can be used to store and present sweet delicacies to his guests.

These forever roses exalt the beauty of long lasting blooms while allowing you to express your feelings and emotions. Most importantly, they will remind him of your love and appreciation for years, not days.

Flawless Flowers, With No Effort

4 white eternal roses in jewellery box
White Eternal Roses
4 vibrant red eternal roses in jewellery box
Red Preserved Roses 

Forever roses are the perfect gift for men who don't excel at flower care. Infinity roses are real, fresh roses that undergo a scientific preservation process. Your everlasting rose arrangement is guaranteed to maintain its exquisite look for at least one year thanks to our preservation method.

Although our forever roses barely need any maintenance, by following these simple recommendations, your loved one will be able to enjoy his preserved flower gift for up to three years.

Things He Should Avoid Doing With his Forever Roses

  1. Placing the flowers under direct light sources, especially sunlight.
  2. Storing in places where they would experience very high temperatures. Preserved Roses suffer extreme temperatures and should be stored at room temperature.
  3. Displaying them without protection. Should he choose to display his infinity roses without a lid, he may occasionally brush them with a soft brush to remove any dust that may accumulate over time.
  4. Washing or treating with cleaning liquids. Preserved flowers should not come in contact with water, steam or any other substance.
  5. Touching them. He should refrain from touching his flowers, as the oils from hands can wear the preserved petals.
  6. Air conditioning vents. Avoid placing preserved flowers in the proximity of intense air conditioning fans or strong air vents.
  7. Removing them from their original box. He should not remove our forever roses from their box, designed to preserve them for at least one year.

Designed Especially for Preserved Roses

The design of our lidded acrylic jewellery boxes will help your forever roses maintain their gorgeous look for 365 days, without any extra maintenance.

A Versatile Gift for Every Occasion

Flowers have the power to delight anyone who receives them instantly. Gifting a floral arrangement to a special man in your life is a perfect way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, professional achievements, or to simply remind him that you miss him or care about him. Our infinity roses in acrylic jewellery organiser will remind him of your feelings for up to three years while serving as a versatile jewellery organiser for his favourite accessories.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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