The Best Roses for Friends, Lovers and Family

The Best Roses for Friends, Lovers and Family

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Valentine's Day, historically named the most romantic day of the year. But long gone are the days when Valentine's is only for lovers to exchange gifts, cards and romantic gestures. Valentine's Day is an occasion for everyone to express their love to the most important people in their lives, whether that's a family member, a friend, or a partner - some traditions are always worth keeping.

With so many different types of love, it can be hard to know what gifts are the perfect fit. The timeless gift of a rose is another tradition that we cannot ignore. But how many roses should you gift a friend vs a family member? What colour says you love them? Read on to find out!

Elegant Classic Red for your Significant Other

Romance is a beautiful thing. Therefore it needs to be represented with a beautiful gift. Red roses are a classic that just can't be beaten. These roses have a history of symbolising unending passion and grace. There is a certain elegance about them that places these flowers a step above all the rest.

Roses are the perfect flower to place against a backdrop of candlelight. Imagine a quiet night in with your favourite meal, your favourite person smiling at you over their long-lasting infinity roses.

 Nine Red Roses in a matte square rose box
Classic Red Infinity Roses

Bright Yellow for a Special Friend or Sibling

Families come in all shapes and sizes. For some of us, we have large pools of siblings, whom we've laughed, cried and fought with over the years. For others, our closest friends are like siblings we never had.

To make the day of those platonic special people in your life, why not think about the gift of yellow roses? Recognised as the colour of friendship, yellow infinity roses are perfect on Valentine's Day for reminding someone that you're thinking about them. As such a vibrant colour, yellow roses are also certain to brighten up any room or environment, at home or at work.

Single Yellow Rose in Acrylic Jewellery Box
Single Yellow Infinity Rose in Acrylic Jewellery Box

Royal Purple for your Distinguished, Beloved Elders

Sitting between impactful red and reflective blue is the elusive purple. Throughout history, the colour purple symbolises elegance, prestige, and royalty. In a world of colour, it's surprising how rare purple is.

The mighty empires of Rome, Egypt and Persia all coveted the hue as a symbol of power and riches. The Byzantine Empresses gave birth in "Purple chambers". This gave rise to the concept of being "born in the purple": Being a member of the royal family. Kings, Queens, Emperors and leaders of all kinds coveted this rare colour.

This is, without doubt, our most extravagant rose. This small taste of royalty is sure to make your grandparents beam with pride and keep them smiling as they will enjoy these roses for Valentine's Day for years, not days.

13 Purple roses in a black round rose box with a matte finish
Round box with 13 Royal Purple Infinity Roses

Fragrant White Flowers for a Fresh Start

In the western world, white has always had connotations of purity and a sense of a new life starting. It's why brides have always worn white. It's also what babies are typically swaddled in at the hospital.

Is there a sibling or cousin in your family who's just expanded their household? Do you know someone who's recently married? Moved into a new house? Then this may be the perfect box of roses to both shows that you care and symbolise their new beginning.

Some Asian cultures see white as a cleansing colour. Sometimes interpreted as a colour representing death. For some Buddhists, it represents the end of the old and the clean slate of a new life beginning.

Perhaps this would then be good for a family you know who has experienced a loss recently. It is always a good thing to remind your close friends and family that you are thinking of them. Whatever you choose will remind them of you and that you're thinking of them dearly.

White Valentines roses in a grey suede round rose box
White Infinity Roses

Long Lasting Roses for Valentine's Day

It's a good time to think about a fresh new start when it comes to the world, too. We're dedicated to protecting the planet and ensuring that the joy that flowers bring isn't coming at the cost of the Earth.

Every infinity rose has been naturally preserved for long-lasting life. Much like your love, let your gift of a rose box show how eternal your love is. Learn how your choice of roses can help the planet.

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