Frugal Flowers and Other Ways to Make Your Autumn Wedding Beautiful

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Many people are typically unaware of the sheer cost of a wedding. For blissfully ignorant people, remember that there is far more to prepare than just a normal party.

The venue alone could be anywhere from free to extortionate. Attire, cakes, catering, drinks, transport, photos, videos, DJs, Invites, deposits and more. But most importantly, the décor!

Getting a money-related headache yet?

The Autumn season can be a tight one for many of us, but that's no reason we shouldn't still celebrate life!

Affordable Wedding Flowers

Notice your wedding budget spiralling? Want to save money somewhere? Look no further. Many people assume the most beautiful flowers they can purchase are fresh-cut roses. The methods used, however, cost you in more ways than one. Fresh-cut flowers are hardly ever eco-friendly.

They are often grown in suffocatingly hot conditions. They cost the company thousands in energy. The planet then suffers untold casualties in global warming. Such flowers are often then transported around the world, creating an even bigger carbon footprint.

What solution could there be to this problem? Simple. The choice of properly preserved arrangements of ethical wedding flowers.

 Large Luxury Bridal Bouquet from the Adore You Collection by Amaranté London
Bridal Bouquet: Adore You Wedding Collection

What are Preserved Arrangements?

Preserved Arrangements are typically dried flowers. Floral arrangements are otherwise fresh flowers that have been processed to dry their moisture and preserve their beauty to last for years, not days. These eco-friendly dried flowers are more sustainable and make for affordable wedding flowers.

Think about it in terms of time invested to money spent. You want your special day to be covered in flowers. So you buy a set of fresh roses, which make the church look gorgeous, and your gazebo looks like a fairy tale. However, these flowers are cut off, mulched and thrown away the next day. Their lives are short because they'll all die in a few days.

What a waste of money and harm to the environment.

Instead, why not buy eco-friendly flowers guaranteed to last years? A bouquet of Amaranté's bespoke arrangements would last you and your new spouse years' worth of fresh flowers. Forever flowers give you more options for affordable wedding flowers than a fresh alternative. Your money invested in time spent with these flowers is more economical.

Fallen Leaves Dried Flower Bouquet presented in a clear vase.
Fallen Leaves Large Bouquet for Weddings

Eco Friendly Flowers for Autumn Weddings

Amaranté’s Fallen Leaves preserved arrangements are perfect for autumn weddings. Their colours are bold, bright, and sunburnt, the perfect representation of a crunchy leafy forest floor in Autumn time.

Or perhaps you're a fan of more Earthy, muted tones and colours. Try then the Tender Bloom Arrangements. These affordable wedding flowers will surely spice your colour coordination up a jolt! They make for a fascinating, alternative wedding scheme for all to enjoy.

Feeling a little more on the wild side? Then the Bohemian Bride collection of preserved arrangements is for you. From dreamy browns to wistful dull coloured greens. This set of eco-friendly flowers is perfect for the rustic, natural-style weddings your heart has always dreamed of.

Double up this Autumn theme with an outdoor meadow wedding venue and reception, and you're on your way to the perfect wedding.

Bridal Bouquet of Dried Flowers from The Bohemian Bride Collection by Amaranté Wedding Flowers
Boho-Bride Wedding Flowers

Make better choices for your life and your Wedding

We all have been having to make hard choices recently. With costs spiralling and life seeming glummer than ever, there's a hard feeling that we no longer have control over life. But that isn't true.

You have more power in adversity than in prosperity. Prosperity is constricting. It binds you to maintain the course and the good life, fearing falling into adversity. Meanwhile, when you feel at the bottom, there's nowhere to go but up.

Take that inspiring choice today, and have that wedding. Book that wedding venue, and sign up for that new exciting step of your life. And while doing that scary new thing, make other bold choices. Such as choosing affordable, eco-friendly wedding flowers. Make your decorations gifts for your partygoers. Tell them all the clever, ethical decisions you made, even when the world seemed down on you.

You'll never feel a better feeling than that kind of satisfaction.

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