Dried Flowers for the Perfect Autumn Bohemian Wedding

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People choose different ways to celebrate their wedding days. Some prefer a traditional wedding. White dresses, a gorgeous church or even a cathedral. Others prefer something simple and more exotic. A sun-swept beach on some tropical island or coastline of South America. Others choose a different interpretation of simple and traditional.

Bohemian weddings: Minimalist & Rustic

A Bohemian wedding involves having a more “wood elf” styled marriage. Something closer to the Hobbit than some wedding to make your Italian Catholic grandmother cry joyfully. These weddings feature a rustic, minimalist, open-air vibe. They most often invoke autumnal, harvest feelings. Dried wreaths full of wheat stems, flowy dresses with a dreamy, cream-coloured feeling.

Does a bohemian wedding sound like your cup of tea? We'd like to give you some hot tips on how to turn your wedding into a sensational experience of nature.

 Luxury Wedding Bouquet for a Bohemian Themed Wedding. This bouquet features wild greens and preserved stems like Eucalyptus
Bridal Wedding Bouquet

A Laid-Back nature

Bohemian Weddings are famous for their simpler, stripped-back, easy-going vibes. Imagine Dried Boho Flowers in auburn colours. Sunflowers crinkled and almost burnt in visage. Long grass stems with crimped tips and a crunch to them. A dried wreath symbolises nature in its purest form: imperfect, sensual and real. Bouquets for bridesmaids and tables alike should follow this theme.

Since Bohemian celebrations are naturally atypical, lean into it! Does your groom or bride-to-be have a favourite colour that isn't the traditional black and white of a wedding? Incorporate that into the Bouquets! Have dried boho flowers that burn with the fire of an Autumn night. Decorate the wedding arch with vines and weeds burnt auburn. Wear suits and dresses that encourage this natural feeling. White is the perfect wedding colour but won't do for a bohemian wedding. Consider some creams and burnt edges on the dress. You could even throw the book out and wear burgundy, orange, or primary-school red!

The glory of a bohemian wedding is the freedom of choice. So don't be afraid to make some bold decisions!
Small dried flower bouquets in jars, the perfect option for table centrepieces to complete a Bohemian wedding theme.
Dried Flower Bouquets in Jars

Choice of Colours For Your Bohemian Wedding

The right colour combos are important when choosing an alternative wedding. This choice frustrates any wedding planner, as it's often challenging. It'll decide the entire vibe of the wedding, and people will notice if it's not correct. People tend to spot patterns and always spot something that doesn't work together - especially at a wedding!

Here are some colour combos for weddings that might look fantastic in your dried wreath or wedding bouquets!

Cranberry Base

A classic autumnal colour! Choosing cranberry is a bold diversion from the traditional wedding theme and is perfect for dried boho flowers. To match that up, go for colours like pumpkin orange, royal violet and mustard, with a sky-blue unifier to act as a contrast to the warmer colours. Remember: The key to any great colour combo is how you signify differences, so contrast colours are essential to get right!

Craberry Colour Picker
A Selection of Cranberry Colours

Burgundy Base

Burgundy offers a gorgeous, wine-coloured theme. This colour is best suited for a forest-like Bohemian Wedding, deep within seemingly abandoned places. Navy blue is your friend here, as well as a healthy colouring of jade or forest green. Mauve acts as a great pink contrast colour against the deeper, burnt colours. Consider adding a bright scarlet or primary school red for that extra pop of heat into the otherwise more subdued colours.

Burgundy Colour Palette
Burgundy Colour Palette

Peach Base

Maybe you want a more fairy-tale happy ending for your Bohemian Wedding. Dried Boho flowers tell the kind of story that begins and ends in a magical forest with mushrooms, small tea cakes and Alice in Wonderland-style characters. For that, choose peach as your base! Contrast with a green sage, a lovely burnt green colour. Hemlock can add to sage as a sweet brighter pop of green. Finish off with that traditional white with a nude cream colour for a simply scrumptious wedding choice!

Peaches and Cream Palettes for dried Boho Flowers
Peach Colours, a palette for a bright Bohemian Wedding

Environmentally Conscious Bohemians

We all want our wedding to be an important and celebratory day. And that also means, when choosing a simple wedding, keeping its impact simple too. Too often, weddings take great strides in the wrong direction, harming the environment at the expense of one great day. At Amaranté, you can rest easy knowing we have your back in leaving nothing but footprints and taking only pictures.

All our flowers are professionally arranged and 100% environmentally sustainable. They are fairtrade affiliated and designed to leave the smallest impact possible. Every delivery is guaranteed to have its carbon footprint offset by us. We ensure that even your same-day or next-day deliveries do not come at the cost of the environment.

People often buy entire gardens worth of fresh flowers. Roses are doomed to perish within weeks, which creates pressure on the flower industry and the world as a whole. Dangerous chemicals and harmful business practices. The reasons to choose fresh-cut flowers have diminishing returns.

It just makes more sense to buy flowers guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 3 years than cut roses that will die within days. Embrace the druid within you! Make a sustainable, environmentally conscious decision when you have your Bohemian wedding. Have a beautiful day, with the pride in your heart of saving the planet all the while.

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