Indulge in the Exquisite Charm of Bohemian Styled Weddings

Indulge in the Exquisite Charm of Bohemian Styled Weddings

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Your wedding day is a momentous occasion that deserves a celebration as unique as you. While some prefer traditional ceremonies, with white gowns and grand cathedrals, you may be drawn to something a little more exotic and refined.

Welcome to the captivating world of Bohemian weddings, a free-spirited and artistic approach. Inspired by the bohemian lifestyle and aesthetic, this wedding style showcases an effortless blend of rustic charm, nature-inspired elements, and a touch of bohemian elegance.

Creating an Atmosphere of Effortless Elegance

Bohemian weddings embody simplicity and natural beauty. Imagine bouquets of dried boho flowers adorned in rich auburn shades. Picture delicate sunflowers exuding a mystical allure with their crinkled petals. Visualize the gentle bend of long grass stems underfoot, their golden tips offering a satisfying crunch. Embrace the imperfect charm of dried wreaths, symbolising the pure sensuality of nature.

In the realm of Bohemian celebrations, individuality takes centre stage. Embrace your partner's unique spirit by incorporating their favourite colours, breaking free from the confines of traditional black and white. Envision dried boho flowers emanating the fiery glow of an autumn night. Decorate your wedding arch with cascading vines and burnt auburn weeds, evoking a timeless sense of romance. When it comes to attire, white may symbolise purity, but it falls short of capturing the essence of a bohemian affair. Consider creamy ecru tones with hints of burnt edges, or dare to venture into bold shades of burgundy, orange, or vibrant primary-school red. In the realm of Bohemian weddings, freedom is your muse, and audacity is your greatest asset.

Luxury Wedding Bouquet for a Bohemian Themed Wedding
Bohemian Inspired Bridal Bouquet

The Harmonious Symphony of Colours

The choice of colours plays a significant role in crafting an alternative wedding with sophistication and allure. While it may present a challenge, ensuring the right colour combinations is well worth the effort. Let your selection dictate the ambience of your wedding, eliciting admiration and delight from your guests. Opt for a Cranberry base, a timeless autumnal hue that emboldens your celebration. Dried boho flowers come alive amidst a palette of pumpkin orange, royal violet, and mustard, complemented by a touch of sky blue to create a striking contrast. Remember, skillfully juxtaposing contrasting colours is the secret to achieving mesmerising combinations.

The glory of a bohemian wedding is the freedom of choice. So don't be afraid to make some bold decisions!

Small dried flower bouquets in jars, the perfect option for table centrepieces to complete a Bohemian wedding theme.
Dried Flower Bouquets in Jars

Alternatively, embrace a Burgundy base, reminiscent of the velvety depths of fine wine. This captivating colour palette thrives in the midst of a forest-like Bohemian wedding, transporting you to a seemingly forgotten realm. Let navy blue harmonise with jade or forest green, conjuring a natural elegance. Add touches of mauve, a delightful pink counterpart to the deeper, smouldering hues. For a burst of vibrancy, consider bright scarlet or resplendent primary-school red, infusing the subdued colour scheme with passionate intensity.

Environmentally Conscious Bohemians

At Amaranté, we take great pride in curating exquisite Bohemian-styled wedding flowers that not only capture the essence of free-spirited beauty, but also prioritise sustainability. We believe in the power of nature and strive to minimise our environmental footprint. That's why our floral arrangements feature naturally preserved flowers, allowing you to cherish and preserve the beauty of your wedding blooms long after your special day.

To embark on this enchanting journey and discover how our Bohemian-styled weddings can transform your big day into a magical experience, simply reach out to a member of our team or fill out the form on our website. We can't wait to hear all about your wedding dreams and create a truly unforgettable celebration together. Let's weave the beauty of nature into your love story, making it a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime.

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