A Flowers for Valentine's Day Gift Guide

A Flowers for Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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It's always a challenge to find the perfect present for your significant other. There is always so much to consider. But Valentine's Day, like Christmas, it isn't about the perfect gift, it's about finding the right gift to make the one you love smile and feel appreciated.

A Valentine's Day gift should also represent love, intimacy, and eternity, whether you're gifting a partner, family member or a friend you love dearly. But what gift is undeniably beautiful, with a long tradition of effortlessly conveying love? You guessed it, infinity roses!

But even though you know roses are 'the one', which roses are ideal to gift? Is a certain colour best? Or maybe a certain number? Use this gift guide and choose from a variety of our most popular rose boxes for this Valentine's Day.

The Most Romantic Rose Colours and More

Red roses, whether the light or classic shade, roses are invariably the preferred choice to say 'I love you' for a reason. While more of an obvious colour when gifting a romantic partner Valentine's rose flower, red roses are simple, seductive, and gorgeous, filled with heart-warming meanings.

Whether you gift a single rose, a dozen, or even 100 red roses, cherish the fact each one will symbolise not only passion but courage, joy, and most importantly, love. But while red roses may be the colour of choice, let's not forget how lovely roses are in pink, white and lavender, to name a few. After all, the perfect rose colour for your Valentine may not be overly traditional, but perfect for them.

Sustainable rose boxes with suede and matte finishes
Infinity Roses in Rose Boxes with Matte and Suede Finish

Display Your Love With 100 Roses

Above all else, your gift should make your loved one feel valued and loved. 100 roses convey complete admiration and commitment, so there's no doubt that whoever gifts 100 roses is serious about a future together.

Every deluxe and super deluxe box of roses is available in an elegant black or grey suede finish in a round or square style. Whether your Valentine is sophisticated or hard to surprise, this luxury rose box never disappoints.

150 roses in a super deluxe black square rose box with suede finish
150 Roses in a Super Deluxe Rose Box

Say 'I Love You' With Unique Rose Box Customisations

As human beings, it's not often we pass up the chance to add customisation and make things feel unique. A rose box containing 140 roses with a personal message is an extraordinary gift for Valentine's Day.

140 roses in a black rose box with a suede finish
Ultimate Deluxe Rose Box

Infinity Roses Have a Long Loving Life

Roses are always an amazing way to get your message of love across to someone. Sometimes, it's hard to tell a person how you feel in words or acts of love. Flowers for Valentine's Day speak a universal language everyone can understand: infinity roses last "forever" and are a great way to evergreen your message.

The magnificence of infinity roses is just how long they will represent your love. We designed our infinity roses to last years, not days, so they will not wither and fade away like regular fresh-cut ones. Our natural process preserves them to maintain their colour, shape, and beauty for as long as three years – so long as they are kept away from water, direct sunlight and air conditioning outlets.

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