Dried Wedding Flowers that are Always In Season and Last up to 3 Years

Dried Wedding Flowers that are Always In Season and Last up to 3 Years

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There is no 'perfect' season to get married. Every season has its perks, and each couple will have their preference. While some people look forward to a summer wedding, others may romanticise getting married with Winter snowflakes falling from the sky.

Offered here is a gorgeous range of dried wedding flowers suitable for weddings in all seasons. So you can decorate the non-seasonal flowers around your home afterwards. Continue reading to discover more about dried flowers that are always in season.

Summer Inspired Preserved Wedding Bouquet Exquisite dried wedding flowers offered in a set of a variety of bouquets and sizes Summer Heat Flowers

Who doesn't love a pop of colour at weddings? The summer heat wedding flowers create the perfect blend of stunning yellow and bright wedding flowers. Each flower is delicately dried and wrapped, beautifully standing out against other flowers.

Whether you're tying the knot in the Summer, Winter, Autumn, or Spring – these preserved flowers would light up the venue beautifully. Not only would your guests admire the choice of wedding flowers, but they would make gorgeous takeaway gifts. Furthermore, if you want to show appreciation to your loved ones afterwards, you can distribute the flowers amongst them. After all, yellow does represent friendship and appreciation. This way, your guests will have something to hold on to and remember your big day from.

The Timeless Bouquet

When you think of weddings, stunning white flowers surrounding a gorgeous bride come to mind. White will always be the go-to wedding colour, no matter the season. The Bleached Haze flowers are a unique blend of white and bleached flowers. Some of the flowers included are Bleached Helecho, Gypsophilia, Bleaches Ruscus, and Thistles.

These flowers are ideal as wedding centrepieces as they're beautiful, and white blooms represent faith, purity, and angels. Alternatively, you can also carry the stunning wedding bouquet down the aisle. It'll blend perfectly with any wedding dress, creating an unforgettable, charming look.

Once the wedding is over, you can throw the bouquet in the air and let one of your dear ones keep it as a special memory for years to come. After all, aren't weddings all about creating everlasting memories?

Timeless dried wedding flowers imbedded in a set of classic medium and large vases
Fragrant Forever Flower Blooms

Lilac Skies for Dried Wedding Flowers

If there's one colour that could never go out of style, it's purple. The Lilac Skies dried flower bouquet beautifully ties together purple shade flowers. This bouquet is suitable if you're looking forward to having a traditional wedding.

After all, purple flowers are recognised as a symbol of dignity, tradition, and success. Represent everlasting love and a successful reunion of love and grace through these stunning flowers.

Order Your Dried Wedding Flowers

While it may seem like ordering and putting together your wedding flowers are a lot of work, that's not necessary. Each of the bouquets sold comes wrapped beautifully and ready to be decorated. All you have to do is shop online and place your order. Then, if you're nearby, you can click & collect the flowers. Or, if you're further away, opt for door-to-door delivery.

Being one of London's best sustainable and eco-friendly flowers' providers, your wedding day will be extra special with these flowers. You can be assured that the flowers will last for a year at a minimum and make your day a lot more beautiful & memorable. So, if you chose your wedding flowers and looking for wedding theme inspirations, click here to read more! Order your favourite flowers today and let the wedding bells ring.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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