Season's Harvest Dried Flower Bouquet

Season's Harvest Dried Flower Bouquet

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This video is a masterclass on dried flowers and today our florist will be showing you how to create dried flower arrangements for your vase at home.

This dried flower bouquet is inspired by the harvest season and Autumn so it will look charming in your home. All of our preserved flowers have been picked by the growers. Amaranté London offers the most sustainable and ethically sourced dried flowers on the market. Amaranté dried flowers are from local farms and ensure farmworkers receive a premium for every flower they produce.

When you open up your box of dried flowers from Amaranté London, you will find:

  • mixed autumnal foliage;
  • preserved red eucalyptus;
  • black grevillea;
  • a stem of cotton;
  • a bunch of black broom;
  • two stems of campus grass;
  • seven stems of wheat;
  • one stem of hydrangea.

Creating a dried flower bouquet in a vase

To create a dried flower bouquet, you need a pair of scissors and a vase. For this dried flower bouquet, I've chosen this green vase, because green is a neutral colour in floristry. So what does it mean for this bouquet of dried flowers? Well many of the stems of these flowers are green. The foliage of these lovely flowers is also green: this blends perfectly with the colours of the spectrum. That's why this vase goes well with all the colours of the flowers of this bouquet. This vase also looks lovely against the green dried hydrangeas flowers, and we have one in this composition. This vase has a slight tinge of purplish-red which contrasts against the bars, but the green goes really nicely with it. This vase has quite a wide neck on it which is handy, given that we've got quite a lot of stems here and they're thick - they're relatively "meaty" stems.

So today we are going to work work with the dried flower bouquet and place it straight into the vase. By doing so, we will be creating a web with all of our stems so that everything can lock into place and it won't slip down into the bottom of your vase. If you find that your vase is a bit too tall for all of these flowers, you can just put a little bit of tissue paper in the bottom, and that will just prop everything up and stop it from falling straight to the bottom. The best way to work with dried flower arrangements in a vase is through your foliages first. Foliages create a base and an excellent shape to start with. And this how you should proceed too! Insert the taller stems towards if you're interested in making a front-facing floral arrangement. With the dried flower bouquet we have two shoots on a limb, so we should cut the little bits off the end and then split. This bouquet of preserved flowers by Amaranté London has a lovely preserved eucalyptus. It is not a dried eucalyptus.

The difference between preserved and dried flowers

There are substantial differences between dried flowers and preserved flowers: With preserved flowers, for example, our forever roses, you will experience the fragrance and witness the beauty for a prolonged period. In fact they can last three years, depending on maintenance and the environment. The warmer your house is, the more you'll get a scent from preserved flowers.

Shaping the bouquet to your liking

For this arrangement with the tall stems in the back, we fill in all of the gaps. Once you have filled the gaps, you can start to bring your foliage up a bit. Now it's time to introduce the Black Grevillea you received as part of your dried flower bouquet.

The Black Grevillea

The Black Grevillea is one of our favourite foliages. In fact, Black Grevilleas are a "dramatic" flower, and adds a different dimension to the bouquet. The Black Grevillea is quite tall, and this allows for it to reach the bottom of the vase.

Creating a feature with your dried flower bouquet

Preserved Flowers Bouquet - Amaranté London
Luxurious bouquet in tall green glass vase
A detail of the bouquet of preserved flowers
A detailed image of some flowers
Frontal view of the bouquet in green glass vase
Frontal view of the bouquet

How much of a feature you want to create with the grevillea is entirely up to you. This Black Grevillea might stand your hands.

The foliage

These dried flower arrangements feature foliage that comes in loads of different colours. If you want to swap it out for a lovely gold or silver shade towards Christmas, you'll get more longevity out of your arrangement.

The "filler" flower

Next, we're going in with our filler flower which is this dried bloom broom. This dried bloom broom has a few shoots coming off it, so, again, we can just separate them and get a few more stems out of the one. What this flower is going to do is create some volume within the bouquet and just add a bit more space. We use the tallest stems towards the back and elaborate our composition to obtain the front-facing floral arrangement effect. We're adding to the "crisscross" web that we created with our foliage.

Natural dried Pampas Grass

Next, add the Pampas. Our Dried Flower Bouquet features a Large Dried Pampas Grass. Dried Pampas Grass is massive at the moment. It is trendy and fashionable. It fits in well in those minimal, kinds of neutral looking homes. Pampas Grass dried flowers are in season, which means they're super sustainable. Being sustainable means that we can move away from that really intense farming. We'll add the Pampas Grass to the back of the arrangement to create a bit of height and use the broom flower as a separator. One way to make your flower arrangement is to stagger the two pampas these because if you get two at the same height, the bouquet looks a bit off...

How to use the cotton

Now we can provide offset with the cotton. Again, cotton is currently being picked, so it's really in season. Cotton has quite a thick stem, so we need to be careful when placing it in the vase. It's quite a focal part of the bouquet, so you want it to be relatively high and evident.

Another possible source of inspiration for this arrangement was the harvest season, so wheat is obviously something that is being harvested right now.

Send us photos of your dried flower bouquet

We'd love to see how you styled your arrangement. Upload photos to Instagram or Facebook, use the hashtag #thatfloralfeeling, and we will enter you into a giveaway. You will find more details on that down below.

The dried hydrangea flowers

Finally, we've got these lovely dried hydrangea flowers to complete our dried flower arrangement. We actually produce our dried hydrangea flowers. You can also create your own dried hydrangea flowers at home. These hydrangea flowers are English so, again, really sustainable. It means that we're backing the right suppliers and farmers.

The final touch to our dried flower arrangement

So now that we have finished our arrangement with everything crisscrossed, it's straightforward for you to whip something out if you don't want it there - just move it to where you prefer. For example, we could bring the hydrangea down a bit just create another area of focus. We could also bring the wheat into the background.

You can really take your time to create your own piece of floral art. Of course your bouquet won't look exactly the same as our dried flowers, but that's the beauty and fun behind creating your very own bouquet. All our dried flower arrangements look slightly different, and this is the finished look for this bouquet.

Our dried flowers last up to three years

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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