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Exquisite bespoke floral arrangements on plinths to welcome guests at the entrance of the event.
Exquisite bespoke floral arrangements on plinths to welcome guests at the entrance of the event.

We were engaged as an event florist to decorate exhibitors' booths at the World Travel Market (WTM) event in London. We created bespoke floral designs to complement various corporate exhibits gracefully, adding a touch of sophistication and vibrant natural beauty. From the enchanting displays of Monstera and lush greenery to the delicate arrangements of white orchids and roses, our plants and flowers for events enhanced the venue's visual appeal and infused the event with a sense of luxury and professionalism. Each piece was thoughtfully placed, creating an immersive experience that mirrored the prestige of the WTM event and the global destinations it showcased.

Saudia's Simplicity and Sophistication

For Saudia, we aimed for simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring each installation seamlessly complemented their booth's design. Our small Lily vase arrangements and mixed flower arrangements were a perfect harmony of grace, enhancing Saudia's presence.

Qatar's Vibrant Kaleidoscope

he colour was paramount for Qatar, and we brought their vision to life with eye-catching floral panelling. From wide short floral panels to tall floral arrangements and a range of planters, every installation was a burst of vibrancy, capturing the essence of Qatar's rich culture.

Red Sea's Botanical Oasis

Working once again with Red Sea was a delight. Our plant-focused designs, featuring Strelitzia, Monstera, Boston Ferns, and Cactus, created a captivating embodiment of their messaging. The addition, we used Ivy Plants to form a stunning plant wall that added a touch of natural elegance to their space.

Dubai's Subtle Opulence

For Dubai, simplicity was key. Our small and medium installations exuded sophistication without overpowering the space. With each installation, we captured the essence of Dubai's opulence in a way perfect for this event.

A Tapestry of Collaboration

Working on these diverse installations was a testament to our love for creativity and collaboration. Each design was meticulously crafted to align with our client's unique visions, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the WTM event.

The prestigious WTM event at the Excel Centre - a travel and tourism event where teams from around the globe converge to build relationships. At this event, we had the honour of creating bespoke installations for several clients from all over the world who were exhibiting at the event.

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