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Image of The Vilebrequin storefront in Kings Road decorated with flowers for Chelsea in Bloom - Amarante London
Image of The Vilebrequin storefront in Kings Road decorated with flowers for Chelsea in Bloom - Amarante London

Chelsea in Bloom, an exclusive premier floral art show, weaves its enchanting magic on the streets of Chelsea every May. This event, a vibrant tapestry of stunning floral arrangements, is not just a local affair. It's a global celebration of nature's beauty. Each year, the competition grows as Chelsea’s finest retailers, restaurants, and hotels participate, adorning their establishments with imaginative bespoke floral arrangements to vie for prestigious awards. This week-long celebration is a visual feast that unites floral art enthusiasts worldwide, offering a unique and privileged experience.For this year's Chelsea in Bloom, Vilebrequin, a brand synonymous with luxury and style, decided to engage an event florist and embarked on a journey of floral creativity. As a luxury French brand specialising in designer swimwear and ready-to-wear for men and women, Vilebrequin were seeking a unique collaboration to highlight the vibrant spirit of their new swimwear collection while also showcasing the boundless creativity of Chelsea in Bloom. We designed a captivating display that perfectly brought together everything they were looking for. We transformed the store window by creating a lush meadow adorned with a rich array of flowers, each chosen to reflect the colours of Vilebrequin's latest collection.Suspended above the meadow, a delicate hanging cloud added an element of whimsy and elegance. This unique feature floated gracefully, casting a soft, ethereal presence over the scene. The cloud, too, was crafted to mirror the hues of the collection, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.Inside the store, table arrangements further enhanced the theme. Each table was adorned with meticulously arranged flowers and foliage, seamlessly blending with the overall design. Our bespoke floral arrangements showcased the collection's vibrant colours and added a fresh and inviting atmosphere to the store.

For this year's Chelsea in Bloom, Vilebrequin wanted to bring something truly special to their store. Embracing their vision, we designed a captivating display of flowers that highlighted the vibrant spirit of their new swimwear collection.

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