Amaranté at

The Athenaeum

A grandiose Christmas floral arrangement for The Athenaeum in London by Amaranté London Event Florist, capturing the winter spirit with an opulent mix of festive greenery, twinkling lights, and elegant silver ornaments, perfectly framing the hotel's luxurious entrance.
The grand entrance of 'The Athenaeum' hotel, framed by Amaranté London's bespoke holiday floral design, boasts an archway of verdant greenery, interlaced with an array of matte and shiny silver baubles. The festive arrangement creates a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere, complemented by the hotel's signature golden signage and the natural elegance of a vertical living wall, as a guest steps through the revolving doors.

The Athenaeum Hotel, a distinguished luxury hotel in central London, is renowned for its historical elegance and architectural grandeur. This prestigious establishment seamlessly blends classic British charm with modern amenities. It sought the expertise of Amaranté London, a leading event florist, to create bespoke Christmas floral arrangements for the hotel.

We were tasked with designing, producing, and installing Christmas flowers that would exude sophistication and harmonise perfectly with the hotel's existing decor. Considering the hotel's exquisite accommodations and impeccable service, our expert florists transformed the entrance into a mesmerising display of natural beauty and festive elegance with our transformative floral artistry. Our garland arch installation framed the hotel's main entrance, setting a warm and welcoming tone for guests as they arrived. We curated an arch with abundant winter foliage to focus on winter while incorporating traditional Christmas elements. This natural floral arrangement perfectly complemented the hotel’s sophisticated atmosphere.

Our floral design was not arbitrary. We integrated delicate silver balls into the arch to add a touch of sophistication. The choice of select decorative elements for these Christmas Flowers provided the perfect balance, enhancing the overall beauty without overpowering the arch's natural aesthetics. The result was a stunning visual experience that encapsulated the festive spirit and elevated the exterior decor while maintaining the hotel's sophisticated atmosphere.

Feel the breath of elegance with our latest Chrostmas floral arrangement for the illustrious 5-star Athenaeum Hotel in the heart of London. At The Athenaeum, sophistication meets the magic of winter with our bespoke festive floral installations.

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