Amaranté at

Strand Palace Hotel

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Every element of our installation was carefully thought out to use silver and blue stems, weaving a tapestry of winter bliss throughout the hotel. These colours are not only best associated with the Winter season, but also seamlessly integrated with Strand Palace's distinctive brand identity.

We brought an entire wall to life with an installation of birch sticks, adorned with placed baubles that injected vibrant pops of colour into this installation. From hanging ceiling installations to stunning arches, we created inviting installations that gracefully framed every corner of the main dining room. One of these arches was framed to be the perfect spot to take that festive photo surrounded by beautiful decor.

Step into a world of enchantment at the Strand Palace Hotel, where we've transformed every corner into a winter wonderland, bringing the joy of the festive season indoors without the chill. Our recent installation has draped the hotel in the elegance of winter, combining the timeless allure of silver and the soothing hues of blue, mirroring the iconic colours of the Strand Palace.

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