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The entrance of STK Steakhouse in London is adorned with an elaborate Christmas floral archway featuring a vibrant mix of red and blue baubles, silver ornaments, and lush greenery.
Entrance of STK Steakhouse in London, adorned with an elaborate Christmas floral archway, featuring a vibrant mix of red and blue baubles, silver ornaments, and lush greenery.

Welcome to the vibrant world of Amaranté London, where our passion for exquisite blooms meets the art of event floristry. We are thrilled to showcase our recent collaboration with STK Steakhouse, a culinary gem in the heart of London. 

STK sought an experienced event florist who could design and create unique floral arrangements for all the restaurant's environments. After reading the request for a proposal, our expert florists drafted a series of ideas for bespoke bouquets and floral arrangements that would perfectly blend with the brand. STK were delighted with our ideas and chose our proposal because it encapsulated their sophisticated and contemporary essence.

Our commitment to detail and love for innovative designs come alive in this project as we blend the allure of fresh flowers with the dynamic ambience of one of London's most celebrated dining experiences. Join us as we unveil the floral magic we created for STK Steakhouse, where each petal tells a story of elegance and allure.

The exterior entrance feature was a seamless blend of festive artistry, combining traditional Christmas colours with purposefully placed touches of red and blue, symbolising STK's unique identity and collaboration with Grey Goose. The carefully curated foliage and eye-catching baubles wove that touch of classic Christmas decor, perfect for welcoming everyone.

A hanging garland installation inside mirrored the same captivating colours and style, creating a seamless transition from exterior charm to interior elegance. We lovingly considered every detail, making this festive installation a labour of love for our team.

As an experienced event florist in London, we were tasked to create some gorgeous installations perfect for the Christmas season for our client STK Steakhouse. Our passion for creating memorable experiences shone through in every aspect of this beautifully festive installation.

Step into the world of floral enchantment we created for STK, browse the photo gallery we prepared to showcase the luxury and creativity of this floral installation for Christmas.

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