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Throughout the venue, we strategically placed florals to enhance the aesthetic appeal. The dining tables were adorned with clear glass bud vases, each containing a delicate mix of pink-toned florals with a touch of white, achieving a soft and sophisticated look. Pale pink candles in clear crystal holders added to the tables' overall ambience, ensuring a cohesive and elegant design.

The product showcase featured a stunning collection of twenty bud vases in varying heights, colour-blocked from white to gold, with ten vases in each colour. This arrangement provided a visually striking yet harmonious display, highlighting Sensai's products beautifully.

In the windows, we created two floral meadows with light pink and white stems. These arrangements were minimalistic and kept short in height, allowing the products to be the focal point of the display while still adding a touch of natural beauty.

For the terrace, we placed five bud vases with pink and white florals, complemented by black lanterns with real candles. This combination added a charming and cosy atmosphere to the outdoor space, maintaining the event's overall floral theme.

We collaborated with ANM Comms to infuse Sensai's recent product launch event at Beaverbrook Town House with exquisite floral arrangements. Our goal was to create a universal, minimalistic, and asymmetrical design that seamlessly complemented the elegance of the event.

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