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For their latest collection launch, Primark was seeking a local London event florist to bring some remarkable, sustainable floral arrangements for a unique floral touch to their spring event.

When Primark approached Amaranté London to design and create bespoke floral installations for their spring collection launch, we knew this would be the perfect opportunity to unite nature's splendour and fashion's flair. 

Primark sought an experienced event florist to craft bespoke floral arrangements to bring its spring collection to life.

Our team skilfully designed each arrangement to mirror the vibrant colour scheme of Primark's Spring collection. We blended pinks, yellows, and purples with various green stems. This artistic combination ensured that the pastel shades stood out, capturing the rejuvenating spirit of spring - an essential element of this collection. 

Sustainability was a key element. In line with Primark's commitment to being eco-friendly, Amaranté carefully chose only seasonal Spring stems and preserved flowers, affirming their dedication to crafting environmentally considerate beauty.

Please view our photo gallery that beautifully illustrates this distinctive partnership, combining floral craftsmanship with the latest in fashion. 

We provide bespoke, environmentally conscious bespoke floral arrangements that add a touch of sophistication to any event.

Our prowess, showcased in the Primark spring collection, can help you transform your venue into a breathtakingly beautiful setting. 

Contact us now and discover the artistry of Amaranté – where bespoke, eco-friendly floral designs meet every need of your event. Contact us today to elevate your event with unparalleled elegance!

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