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Exquisite floral entrance features by Amaranté for Pandora's store opening, blending a variety of stunning flowers with delicate pink accents, perfectly reflecting Pandora's brand identity.
Amaranté created stunning floral entrance features for Pandora's store opening, skilfully combining an array of beautiful flowers with subtle pink accents, flawlessly embodying Pandora's brand essence.

In the heart of Pandora's brand new Oxford Street store, a symphony of beauty and creativity unfolded as we partnered with Pandora to curate unique floral installations that effortlessly harmonised with the event.

A stunning arch crowned the entrance, drawing the attention of anyone walking nearby. Soft shades of pink and white flowed through every stem of each installation, mirroring Pandora's emblem and seamlessly blending with the store's magnificent interior design.Inside, a series of delicate vase arrangements awaited, offering a touch of nature's grace that perfectly complemented the splendour of jewellery throughout the store. 

Don't miss the opening weekend of this beautiful new store and all the wonders that await. 

As the doors of Pandora's new Oxford Street store opened, we were delighted to welcome everyone with a series of gorgeous floral installations, created especially for the occasion.

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