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Inmode | Coworth Park

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Drawing inspiration from the themes of the retreat, we curated each element to reflect the essence of empowerment and sophistication. Every installation was adorned with delicate pastel pink stems, carefully chosen to harmonise with the event's branding. Every hue was calibrated to perfection, ensuring a seamless integration with the overarching theme.

For the panel stage, manifestation wall, and table settings for three meals across the day, our installations stood as testaments to ingenuity and artistry. Without the addition of traditional foliage, we embraced a simple palette, allowing the soft pink tones to envelop the space in a cocoon of tranquillity and femininity.

A highlight of the event was our custom-designed photo booth that encouraged guests to capture cherished moments throughout the event.

As a token of appreciation, guests were gifted with fresh flowers at the end of the event as a tangible reminder of the beauty and empowerment they experienced throughout the retreat.

For their retreat event for International Women's Day, we partnered with InMode to create event flowers that embodied beauty, empowerment and joy, perfect for their event.

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