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We began with the entrance arch, adorned with a mix of lush green foliage and vibrant pops of pink, white, and orange. Trees lined the arch and the building, adding an additional layer of natural beauty that perfectly fit the theme of the festival.

To ensure a cohesive and immersive experience, we covered every possible area without overwhelming the space. The ground floor featured hanging floral arrangements with green foliage interspersed with pink, orange, white, and purple stems, creating a cascading effect that drew the eye upwards.

The pergola was a focal point, dressed in hanging wisteria, wisteria branches, foliage, and monkey vine. These elements, combined with delicate floral touches trailing down the external beams, seamlessly fused the exterior and interior into a harmonious floral haven.

Additionally, we wrapped the stair bannisters with hanging florals, incorporating green foliage and colourful stems in shades of pink, orange, white, and purple. This attention to detail ensured that every part of the installation was consistent in tone and beauty.

For a finishing touch, we adorned a set of swings with minimal faux ivy garlands and small floral accents. This subtle addition maintained our floral theme while providing a charming spot for festival-goers to enjoy.

For this year's Taste Festival in Regents Park, we collaborated with Angelo Poretti to create an extraordinary floral installation that celebrated the theme of British Parks. By blending contemporary and traditional British floristry, we crafted a stunning display that became a highlight of the festival.

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