Extra large Round Hat Box - Royal Blue Suede

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Infinity roses are real fresh roses that have been preserved with our unique scientific method. Each rose is picked fresh from our Fairtrade farm in Ecuador and goes through a preserving process which ensures that each rose maintains its original texture and appearance, making them always appear fresh and smell incredible.

We create roses that retain all of their wonderful qualities so that you can enjoy them for years, not days. No maintenance or watering is required to keep their beautiful colour.







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Feel the flow of luxurious majesty with an Extra-Large Royal Blue Suede round hatbox with an assortment of Infinity Roses that will last for years rather than days.

If it’s a royal atmosphere you are looking to set, look no further than our Infinity Roses in Extra Large Royal Blue Suede. Our infinity roses are available in fourteen flamboyant colours, that are guaranteed to suit different opinions, tastes, and different occasions too.

Our Infinity Roses are ethically sourced and made sustainable through the means of Fairtrade B Corp farms in Ecuador. You can access an immense collection, displays, and vary in fourteen colours. Depending on messages of feelings as well as symbolism, our blushing infinity roses make for a great gift for everyone, and every one occasion.

Offered in a classic and soft, suede, round hat box, this 11"x9". Further, it consists of 30-38 roses, varying between 2"-3" in diameter. Regardless of the box, you select, you will be presented with a full box of colour-infused infinity roses.

Laced with royal blue, this package will provide you with a gift that denotes superiority and trustworthiness. The colour is also known for its representation of the ‘’out of the blue’’ atmosphere of spontaneity, and positive energy too. By choosing this product, you will also be able to convey messages of authority and surprise, making it superb for an unexpected gift for a dear someone. It is a creation that is guaranteed to help you give gifts that are everlasting and enjoyed for longer.

What makes our infinity roses more incredible is their sustainable nature. Our infinity roses require little care, so you can enjoy them for longer while watching them sustain a delicate shape and odorous scent. We do however recommend small caring tasks like subtle brushing, and not to display them under direct sunlight or water them.

Being a sustainable business, we only source stems that are currently in season. Naturally, the size of rose heads does vary meaning that on a rare occasion, you may receive larger but fewer roses that are of a larger size or more roses of a smaller size. No matter what size rose heads will be used in your order, our florists will always ensure that your beautiful hatbox is full. The roses do not come with the stem, the buds are secured into the box.

Responsibly sourced and cruelty free Fairtrade roses. We work closely with farmers to ensure our roses meet and exceed Fairtrade standards so we can bring you the highest quality roses.

We go further than just neutralising our carbon footprint; instead, we aim to produce more O2 than CO2 with every purchase, ensuring we leave a positive impact on our planet. Two tress are planted with each purchase as part of our global reforestation projects.

All orders are made-to-order to ensure we deliver the freshest roses. By holding zero stock, we produce zero waste.

Avoid direct exposure to light, especially sunlight.

Keep the flowers in a room temperature environment.

Gently brush to remove dust that may accumulate over time.

Don't put in contact with water, steam or any other substance.

Avoid frequently touching as the oils from hands can wear the preserved petals.

Keep the roses in their box as they are secure there. Do not cover the roses with the lid as this may damage the roses.