Exciting Amaranté Partnership Events

Exciting Amaranté Partnership Events

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It has been a very busy year for events here at Amaranté. My team has had the opportunity to work with so many amazing brands and it has been an incredible journey for us. I wanted to share with you some of the exciting events we have been apart of this year.

The opportunities we've had have been truly wonderful so far! Between Harrods, Selfridges and even headlining the National Wedding Show, we have worked so hard to create so many unforgettable displays and these opportunities have allowed us to keep growing!

Aveda at Selfridges

Our most recent opportunity has been to work with beauty brand Aveda to create a stunning floral arrangement for their stand in Selfridges. We are very proud that our beautiful blooms are pride of place within a top-quality department store like Selfridges.

Aveda is a botanical-inspired beauty brand that is 100% vegan. They use recycled packaging and are cruelty-free. We worked alongside them to create a delightful floral arrangement for their feature area.

It is always a joy to work side by side with brands like Aveda that believe in being a sustainable and eco-friendly business. Our companies saw eye-to-eye on our ethos’ and we wanted to emulate that through our work together.

Dried Flower bouquet
Dried Flowers On Display in Selfridges  

We wanted to make a floral arrangement that was heavily inspired by natural flower fields. When making the bouquets, our florists focused on the use of Eucalyptus as it is one of Aveda's main ingredients in their products. Wheat is also heavily featured in this floral arrangement as the bouquets.

We had the opportunity to create three floral bouquets for them, all in different heights to create a structure with depth and definition on the display. It looked striking and had an amazing visual appeal that was undeniably gorgeous!

The National Wedding Show

On 11th-12th of September and 16th-17th of October, we had the opportunity to be the headlining floral partner for the National Wedding Show. This opportunity allowed us to have so much space to showcase our stunning florals. We had the honour of dressing their catwalk where you could see our bouquets along the catwalk and in models’ hands. This was a huge step for us here at Amaranté.

Our florists created so many beautiful floral arrangements that were displayed on the WED talk stages and in the VIP tent. Our stand was the perfect photographable moment.

Surrounded by breath-taking sustainable flowers, we had so many of our customers coming to talk with us about their floral needs! You can catch us again at the NEC Birmingham 29th-31st October.

Soho House

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure to work with Soho House and decorate their White City House with our stunning florals. We worked alongside them to come up with bouquets that would suit the tone and atmosphere of their White City House.

Gorgeous bespoke blooms
Unique Dried Flower Bouquet in Soho House 

This was a big move for us, and we felt that we were able to successfully work alongside Soho House to create their floral needs. Our florists created an arrangement perfect for their White City House. Mixed with the right tone of white and deeper brown colours, we created a bouquet that was reflective of Soho House’s interiors.

Noble Panacea at Harrods

Not too long ago, we had the chance to collaborate with luxury skincare brand Noble Panacea in Harrods. Their ethos is strictly about creating skincare that releases no harmful toxins.

As two sustainable brands, we were able to see eye-to-eye on our motivation to be eco-friendly to our planet. They wanted us to create a floral bouquet that represented their eco-friendly brand which is why our head florist Maria used oat flowers and fern leaves to showcase some of the main ingredients used in Noble Panacea’s products.

Exquisite dried flowers
Beautiful blooms in Harrods

They had a pop-up in the atrium of the beauty floor in Harrods. This is where we had the opportunity to decorate it with our florals. It was a thrilling experience getting to bring an exclusive bouquet into such a beloved and beautiful place like Harrods.

More Coming Soon!

We are hoping to keep up our amazing work with brands and companies to have the opportunity to showcase our stunning eco-friendly flowers. I have loved and enjoyed showcasing in these events so much, we can't wait to do so much more and share it all with you! I look forward to moving onwards and upwards with my team with more exciting opportunities. Thank you again for supporting us.

CEO and Founder

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