The power of sending a single rose as a gift

Assortment of infinity roses - single red rose in round white box

The power of sending a single forever rose as a gift

Single Red long lasting Rose that will last up to three years in ideal conditions
Single Red long lasting infinity rose in a box
Single Blue Long Lasting Infinity rose a box box
Single Blue long lasting infinity rose a box
Infinity Roses - Red Rose in jewellery box
Single Blue long lasting infinity rose in box

No other flower holds as much significance as the rose. Over the centuries, the beauty of roses has captivated and entranced millions of people. Depending on the colour and number of roses you send, this flower has the power to represent a multitude of concepts and ideas.

Sending someone a single infinity rose is a simple but precious sign of affection and appreciation. Amaranté creates the most luxurious single forever rose arrangements --the ideal gift for someone unique and irreplaceable.

In this article, you'll discover the history of the rose, the most famous flower in the world, and the special meaning behind sending a single forever rose as a gift.

The millenary history of the rose

The rose is undoubtedly the world's most loved flower in the world. Throughout history, this elegant, symbolic bloom has held a special place in people's hearts and minds in any country and territory.

Roses have a long and exciting history, dating back hundreds of centuries ago and touching many countries worldwide. Evidence from rose fossils proves that roses are indeed one of the most ancient flowers, dating back to 35 million years ago.

This magnetic flower probably originated in Central Asia. Still, it soon began to grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere, from Alaska to Mexico, including Northern Africa.

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From increased popularity to forever roses

Rose farming likely began in China about 5000 years ago. However, it wasn't until the late 18th century that Europeans started cultivating roses. Nowadays, most roses can be traced back to Chinese ancestry.

It is believed that most European roses before this date were of the Mediterranean type. In contrast, Chinese roses mark the beginning of rose breeding. As many thought that they had the fragrance of an exquisite cup of tea, these newly-discovered flowers were given the name of tea rose.

Today, there are over 150 species of roses worldwide. Amaranté creates luxurious everlasting infinity rose arrangements by preserving the highest-quality Fairtrade forever roses from Ecuador.

The country's proximity to the Equator offers the ideal climate for our roses to blossom. When combined with our preservation process, this allows us to bring you the best forever roses in the world.

The meaning behind a single forever rose

black acrylic gift box containg an infinity rose
Black acrylic box containing an infinity rose
White preserved rose in black acrylic gift box
White preserved rose in black box
Red infinity rose in black acrylic gift box
Red infinity rose in black gift box

A single forever rose has the power to express many different feelings, thanks to a secret, non-verbal language. For centuries, flowers have helped us deliver messages that are sometimes hard to convey with words. By maintaining their attractive features for an entire year, our infinity roses have the power to keep your memories vivid and remind your loved ones of your feelings every day.

You can convey different messages through the number of roses you decide to include in your arrangement. Amarantè's single forever rose in a box is a unique way to show your beloved one that they hold a special place in your heart.

The number one in numerology

In numerology, the science that studies the meanings behind numbers, the number one is the symbol of confidence, power, and actions. It represents someone who can turn difficult circumstances into anything they wish.

Additionally, the number one can be associated with an independent, goal-oriented and creative person. For this reason, Amaranté's single forever rose arrangement makes for a perfect gift to celebrate someone's personal and professional achievements.

"You are my person."

A single forever rose is a simple yet impactful way to surprise a particular person in your life. There are countless occasions to give a single rose to someone. In fact, the person who receives this gift will feel important and unique.

Sending a single forever rose doesn't always have a romantic meaning. You can feel comfortable sending it to a best friend, a colleague, or a relative. No matter who receives it, they will feel grateful to be part of your life.

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A unique personality

Among flowers, the rose is known to be associated with beauty, along with peculiarity and uniqueness.

For this reason, a single rose is thought to represent unique and strong personalities. People with singular and unusual characteristics will be delighted to receive something as exclusive as one of Amaranté's single rose in a box.

Forever Roses are a unique gift for the environment

Forever roses are an eco-friendly alternative to fresh-cut flowers. Anyone who cares about protecting our Planet will be delighted to receive a single forever rose as a gift.

By choosing Amaranté's infinity roses, you will actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions, waste, and water consumption resulting from intensive rose farming. Suppose your beloved shares our concerns about fresh-cut flowers and waste production, but still wants to enjoy their fresh look and smell. In that case, our beautiful forever roses are the perfect gift.

Single roses are the most iconic

Now you know that a single rose can convey all sorts of meanings. With a single rose you can express deep feelings of love, gratitude, apologies, or pure beauty. At the same time, don't forget that different colours can add even more nuances to your message:

A Single White forever rose

white rose that lasts forever in round white box
white rose that lasts forever in white box
white rose that lasts forever in round black box
white rose that lasts forever in black box

White roses are considered to be a symbol of light and innocence. As a result, single white forever roses represent the purity of someone's intentions. Sending a single white rose is a perfect way to express the purity of your love. Additionally, it can also be used by someone who wants to apologise to a significant person in their life.

Single purple forever rose

Single purple Preserved Rose in white round box
Purple preserved rose in white round box
Single purple Preserved Rose in black round box
Purple preserved rose in black round box

The purple rose is associated with enchantment and royal beauty. Suppose you want to tell someone how beautiful they are and how astonished you are by their presence. In that case, our single purple forever roses in acrylic jewellery boxes are the most exquisite present you can pick.

Single blue forever rose

Light blue infinity rose in white box
Light blue infinity rose in white box
Light blue infinity rose in black box
Light blue infinity rose in black box

Blue roses convey a sense of mystery and stand for something impossible or hardly reachable. A single blue eternal rose is the perfect statement to glorify a complex and unique personality that is not easy to interpret.

Single red forever roses

Single Eternal Rose in white round box
Red eternal rose in white round box
Single eternal rose in black round box
Red eternal rose in black round box

In Ancient Roman times, the red rose was associated with the goddess Venus. For this reason, it eventually became the ultimate symbol of love and romance.

A single red forever rose speaks more than a thousand words. Specifically, it represents love at first sight. It is traditionally given to send a clear I fell in love with your message.

The red rose also promises lifelong devotion and forever love. If you want to celebrate a long and stable relationship, a single red forever rose will perfectly match your everlasting feelings.

Amaranté's single forever rose collection.

Acrylic gift box containg an eternal rose
Acrylic box containing an eternal rose
Red eternal rose in acrylic gift box
Red eternal rose in white box
White eternal rose in acrylic gift box
White eternal rose in white box

You can fully customise any of our single forever rose gift arrangements to meet the taste of your beloved one. Amaranté offers a selection of sole arrangements available in different shapes and colours. These include:

  • Single forever rose in classic round hat boxes. Our handmade hatbox is the ultimate way to exalt the beauty of your flower;
  • Single forever rose in acrylic jewellery boxes. Our versatile jewellery boxes allow your loved one to admire their spectacular long-lasting rose from every angle. At the same time, these jewellery boxes are a universal gift used to store not only jewellery, but also makeup, and other accessories.
  • Single forever rose in acrylic square boxes. Our sleek acrylic boxes will add extra luxury and elegance to any living or working space.

Single forever roses are perfect as a gift to let your friends and loved ones know that you care about them. These preserved flowers have a spectacular appearance and are guaranteed to fill their hearts and minds with joy.

A Single rose is a unique, meaningful gift

Sending a single rose may appear as a less impactful gift than a large rose arrangement. But don't be fooled by numbers, it's a meaningful present with the ability to convey your deep feelings and thoughts in the blink of an eye.

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