Never Give Up: Amaranté From Bedroom to Business

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Happy never give up day! While it’s not a big event, it’s a day here at Amaranté that we all come together to commemorate where our business began. Like many businesses, Amaranté started in the bedroom of our CEO and company founder, Kay Seehra.

Although she didn’t start out with the initial intention of creating Amaranté - Kay always knew she wanted to do something involving flowers. No matter how much they're loved, fresh flowers have a very damaging impact on the environment. Knowing this, Kay was determined to do something different. From the very beginning, she strived to create a better sustainable alternative to fresh flowers.

After researching all possible substitutions, Kay teamed up with a farmer in Ecuador. Together, they created a preservation process, ensuring all flowers remain as fresh and beautiful as they are the day they’re received. Now perfected, this is a process that is still being used now to preserve every rose Amaranté has to offer.

Beautiful Red Infinity Rose
Red Infinity Rose

Finding out just how destructive the farming and distribution of fresh flowers is, became a key factor in Kay's journey for change.

People have been buying fresh flowers for decades. But they are likely not aware that the majority of fresh flowers are farmed in poorer parts of the world, where the economies aren’t being supported.

Fresh flowers are also never delivered straight to their destination. Even the liveliest and brightest blooms, found in most coffee shops, would have been transported on a plane around the world. Only after all this travel, would the flowers reach their ending point.

This immediately decreases the life of the flowers, before they're able to be sold and enjoyed. Plus, with all the fuel used by the plane creates a massive carbon footprint, something Amaranté has now managed to rise above.

In the formation of Amaranté, Kay ensured that the farmer she partnered with was Fairtrade and B Corporation certified. This enabled Amaranté to support farmers, workers, and the environment, right from the start of the partnership. Amaranté has since continued its support. It also has consistently delivered the very best quality of flowers to customers all around the world.

Pink and White Infinity Roses
Beautiful Pink and White Infinity Roses

While finding and perfecting the preservation process came naturally to Kay, setting up Amaranté was a whole new challenge. With a background in accounting, Kay knew there was still a lot she needed to learn. But her inexperience wasn't going to stop her. By putting her head down, Kay has manage to build Amaranté up to be the UK's most trusted florist on Trust Pilot.

Rather than giving up and letting someone else take over, Kay taught herself everything she needed to know. Using free available platforms such as websites and YouTube, Kay became a self-taught professional. She make the most of all the learning devices available to progress Amaranté in the right direction from the very start.

Now three years later, Amaranté is constantly climbing the ranks with no intention of slowing down. Sustainability remains at the forefront of everything Amaranté is trying to achieve. Two trees are planted every time an order is placed and with all bouquets and arrangements made to order, zero waste is created.

However much she’s achieved so far, Kay still has many goals to accomplish. The dream of Amaranté one day being the world’s most luxury sustainable florist, being available to everyone across the world. While some may see it as a far-fetched vision, Kay has already proven that hard work and determination can really make anything possible.

One day, we will all live in a world where everyone understands the damaging effects that fresh flowers have on the environment. Choosing sustainable alternatives truly is the way forwards. 

This change has now begun and for Amaranté, it’s only just the beginning.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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