The Best Roses to get your family at Christmas

The Best Roses to get your family at Christmas

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Christmas is famous for the time-honoured tradition of gift-giving that comes with it. Flowers, especially roses are always an amazing gift, especially at Christmas. They make you smile, brighten a room, and smell heavenly. Yet many of our clients seem to ask the same questions around this time of the year:

  • What kind of rose is the best to buy for a friend or family member?
  • What if I get the wrong one?
  • Is there even a wrong choice??

The answer to these questions is: Don't panic! Here are some suggestions to make anyone smile for years to come.

Elegant Light Red Roses for your Significant Other

A crackling, warm fire. Snow falling soft against a steamy window, cushiony pillows and smooth velvet clothes. Red roses have a history of symbolising unending passion and grace. There is an elegance about them that places them a step above the rest!

A royal blue rose box is a luxurious floral arrangement, a romantic way to show unending love at Christmas.

Large box of roses with a suede finish - an elegant way to say I love you, with a gorgeous and trendy gift at Christmas.
Red Roses in Large Blue Rose Box

Bubbly Bright Yellow Roses for a special friend or sibling

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Some have many siblings to laugh, cry and fight with. For others, family is the one they choose.

Brighten the day of these platonic pals with a set of Yellow Roses. Yellow roses symbolise deep, personal friendships - connections that span time and space.

Large blue rose box containing 20 large yellow infinity roses, with an elegant suede finish - designed and created by Amaranté London
Large Box with Suede Finish containing 20 Yellow Roses

Royal Purple Roses for your distinguished and beloved elders

Purple is the elusive colour between impactful red and reflective blue. Historically, purple has symbolised scarcity, sanctity, and monarchy. In a world of colour, it's surprising how rare purple is.

The mighty empires of Rome, Egypt and Persia all coveted the hue as a symbol of power and riches. The Byzantine Empresses gave birth in "Purple chambers". This custom gave rise to the concept of being "born in the purple": Being a member of the royal family. Kings, Queens, Emperors and leaders of all kinds coveted this rare colour.

Gift original and eco-sustainable Flowers for Christmas with pride. Enjoy the best of both worlds with these purple roses in a hatbox.

Vibrant purple roses in a hatbox
Purple Roses in a Hatbox

Fragrant White Roses for a fresh start

In the western world, white has always had connotations of purity and a sense of a new life starting. It's why brides have always worn white.

Some Asian cultures see white as a cleansing colour. Sometimes interpreted as a colour representing death. For some Buddhists, it represents the end of the old and a clean slate beginning.

Bring a small piece of innocence and reincarnation into everyone's lives with these white roses.

Large black square rose box with matte finish with 36 to 42 large White Roses
White Roses in a Hatbox

Roses for Every Person, Roses for Every day

Amaranté offers a wide range of infinity roses in beautiful boxes and colours. Our special flower-preserving process helps keep these gorgeous colours fresh and vibrant. These luxury rose boxes will be with you for up to three years, provided they are kept away from direct sunlight and air conditioning outlets. Our preserved roses are sourced ethically from our ecological farms in Ecuador.

Amaranté infinity roses keep their shine and fragrance for years.

Check out our specially made rose boxes now with confidence. Let our carbon-neutral roses brighten up your world.

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