Elegant Pink Dried Flower Bouquet with Fairtrade farming Dried Flowers

Elegant Pink Dried Flower Bouquet with Fairtrade farming Dried Flowers

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Today, our florist will be showing you how to recreate our Pink Rebellion dried floral arrangement. It's essential to know how to tie these gorgeous eco flowers once you receive them at home. Rose gold and copper are both currently very trendy. These colours inspired the making of this unique and delicate dried flower arrangement.

As always, your eco flowers, for every preserved flower bouquet, have been grown on Fairtrade farms and picked by the grower. So when you purchase dried flowers from us, you know you're getting the most ethically sourced and sustainable products on the market. Our products are eco-friendly, but they are also unique and refined. Your preserved flower bouquet is a bespoke piece of art.

Based on my recent video, I show you how I created this look in this blog. You will learn how to make dried flower arrangements once you receive your order.

So when you open your box of dried flowers, you will find:

  • Bleached Ruscus,
  • Some Preserved Eucalyptus,
  • Pink Helecho,
  • Dried Amaranthus,
  • Seven Pink Lagurus,
  • Three Pink Helichrysum,
  • One Dried Hydrangea,
  • One Pink Mini Spear,
  • One Copper Fan Palm.

Pick Your Vase

You will need a medium vase to create an incredible preserved flower bouquet with these dried flowers. To make this arrangement, I will be using a white vase. My experience tells me it is the best indicated at about 20 centimetres tall, and it fans out slightly at the neck. This vase is ideal because we're going to use the lovely big fan palm, and we want something that will reflect this kind of shape. I've chosen to use this white vase because it's effortless, and it will magnify the beauty of these flowers: let's let the flowers do the talking on their own! Before we start, you'll also need a pair of scissors and string.

Before starting with the creation of this preserved flower bouquet, you need to separate all stems. Separating stems is the procedure I use to cut the flowers down. For example, you can find shoots where it makes sense to cut them into separate parts. It's best to cut the stems from my experience at the very beginning to get two pieces from the original one. Then, when it's time to tie the arrangement, you won't have a spare hand, and it will be complicated to cut your eco flowers to the correct size.

The creation of dried flower arrangements requires the preparation of all the stems. Stem preparation takes only a few minutes, but it is well worth the additional effort. First, all of the branches of the foliage should be clean. Cleaning stems will come in handy when you pick them up and you're placing the stems in your hand: you don't want anything interfering with the binding process.

Captivating Preserved flower bouquet shown in a set of timeless jars, complimenting larger spaces
Stunning Pink Paradise Eco Flowers

Organize the Stems

The best way to create dried floral arrangements is by organising stems in a spiral. Organising flowers in a circle means that they all sit on top of each other; they lay next to each other and create a spiral shape which means you can easily pull things in and out. That will become a lot clearer when you start building your preserved flower bouquet.

Build the Arrangement

Start building your arrangement with the tallest stem. For my preserved flower bouquet, I'm using the bleached Ruscus. I choose to start with the Ruscus because it has the most height. I am creating a front-facing floral arrangement. When you make front-facing floral arrangements, you want your flowers visible from the back to the front. Mix with a little bit of this preserved Eucalyptus; to evenly distribute the colours throughout the posy. I find that colour distribution in dried floral arrangements is significant, so that's something you'll want to keep in mind.

This level of attention and detail help us build an excellent backing for our floral arrangement. Now start with the Amaranthus. The Amaranthus flower is a natural choice because it is one of the taller stems we'll use today. I placed it a lot higher than the foliage. As lovely as the foliage is, you want to see your flowers over the foliage. I'm just putting it all to one side and just making it look like it's trailing off. I'm also using little bits of foliage to create space so that the Amaranthus isn't all stuck together.

The inspiration for this collection comes from my love of the 1920s and pinks and velvets. I wanted to celebrate my passion for both with this range of flowers. The 1920s trend has had a massive resurgence. The roaring 20s mid-century theme is becoming very popular in people's homes, so I was interested in looking at the different textures between the shiny rose gold that is in great demand at the moment against the soft pink surfaces.

Magical Preserved flower bouquet shot in a detailed close up
Exquisite Pink Eco Flowers

Follow me and turn the bouquet, just so that you can get an even view of all the flowers. When you look at the colour wheel, pinks and purples are all lined up next to each other, so they complement each other nicely.

Next, place the Lagurus, otherwise known as bunny tails. The Lagurus will bring in that velvet inspiration for this preserved flower bouquet. They're pretty tall - use them to balance the Amaranthus. Use foliage to create space.

Trail the flowers down, starting at the back slightly lower than the Amaranthus. Ensure that when you look at the dried floral arrangements from the side, you're able to see all of the flowers moving forward. Now add the Helichrysum, which is a pretty pink colour. It also comes in a dark maroon shade, but I wanted to keep this quite girly and bright, so I chose this flower.

Final Touches

Finally, add the dried Hydrangea. You'll like to know that this Hydrangea is one of the eco flowers produced directly by us. They're straightforward to dry, if you look outside at the moment, they're currently drying on the stems in people's gardens, so they're effortless to dry if you want to. Cut a few, hang them upside down, and you can dry them in your own home. I'll place the Hydrangea to the side to create a bit of depth and another area of interest.

Heart-warming Preserved flower bouquet photographed in a sophisticated vase
Gorgeous Dried Flowers

Let's offset this to confer more balanced with a mini spear into the side, to frame the edge. You can follow my suggestions but be creative, and when you're happy with your arrangement, you can turn it to the back and place it in the copper leaf.

You'll notice how the copper palm has created a different dimension to this range of florals. You've got different shapes with these spiky edges of the palm that you can see poking out either side, but it will be predominantly visible to this side of your preserved flower bouquet if you create it the same way I have done.

If you have followed me step-by-step, all of your stems are now in the bunch. You can start manipulating them, so if you want things more visible. For example, you might want to feature the Amaranthus and make it a bit higher: you can pull them up.

Choose the Display

So, when you're happy with your dried flower bouquet, you can lay it on the table and tie it. Because we've placed the copper leaf at the back, it will protect all of your stems, so don't worry about laying it flat on the table. I'm going around the branches a few times and making sure I tie them as tightly as possible. I'm just going to double knot it here.

Once you've tied your collection of flowers, get your vase. Take your hand-tied floral arrangement and measure it against the vase. Cut it down where you see fit. If you are using a wide neck vase, you'll see wide for this arrangement. That's nothing to worry about; you can lift the bouquet out, cut the string, and then place it back in the vase. By cutting the line, you create a lot more space and the stems all fan out, but it stayed in the same arrangement that I've left it in.

So this is the finished look for today, don't forget these flowers will last up to three years, so they're a fantastic alternative to fresh flowers. Don't forget you can easily swap some of these stems. For example, you could remove the foliage but keep the rose gold elements just to create a lovely Christmas bouquet.

To try your hand at any other dried flower arrangements or to buy your loved one a charming gift, you can click the link below to shop now. Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe to our channel.

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