Spring Flowers to Gift Your Mum This Mother’s Day

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March is upon us and a new season is truly in the air. With Mother's Day being such a defining moment within the season, what could be better than gifting your mum a timeless arrangement of flowers inspired by everything there is to love about Spring.

Infinity Roses in rose boxes, various sizes and colours
Infinity Roses in a Rose Box

But why are spring flowers the ideal Mother's Day Gift? Over the years, the most popular flowers to gift mums on this day have been light and bright arrangements. The colours of these beautiful flowers tend to be pastel toned, very reminiscent of fresh tree blossom and long adoring sunsets. 

Spring is the time of year people love to reset and get ready for a new beginning. It's also a time known for new life, making it the certain season to celebrate Mothers and all they do throughout our lives.

See below for a selection of different coloured forever flowers to signify your love and appreciation for your mum this year!

Acrylic rose boxes featuring red and pink roses
Red & Pink Roses in Acrylic Rose Boxes

Peach Springtime Flowers

One of the many powerful qualities mums hold is how thoughtful they are. They combine love and courage from tackling work to taking care of their families. And there is no better way of showing this than with some peach roses.

This delicate shade of orange connotes warmth, sunshine, and happiness too. These delicate blooms will imply the optimistic, encouraging, and emotional personality of your mother too. It can also be an excellent present for a mother as it will represent the hope and adventure of motherhood too. What is better is that they will stay just as fresh and elegant as their baby grows up.

Round beige rose box with suede finish containing 12 to 15 large forever roses
Peach Roses in round beige Rose Box

Yellow Spring Flowers

Delve into a warm and joyful day with the best flowers for mum. Embellished with delightful yellow tints, these beautiful forever flowers are a great way to show encouragement, support, and adventure to your friends who are also mothers. Yellow symbolises positivity, warmth, and intellect. It is also a shade that provokes clarity, inspiration, amusement, and energy - traits that all mums have.

Every colour suits a specific personality, with yellow representing happiness, originality, intelligence, and communication. Yellow also tends to be the go-to choice for those who wish to send well wishes to a friend celebrating their first Mothering Sunday.

Yellow forever roses in medium sized blue suede rose box with 12 to 15 roses.
Yellow Forever Roses in round Blue Rose Box

Lavender Spring Flowers

Every season is marked with a significant colour and stem to match the atmosphere around that time of year. For Spring, delve into a gorgeous Spring Lavender meadow with the stunning infinity roses. The colour denotes relaxation, springtime, and calmness. But, it is a colour of femininity, care, and tenderness too.

You can use this bouquet to express support, sympathy, motivation, and uplifting energy—that shade best suits creative, imaginative, compassionate, and dreamers. Opt for the purple roses for those seeking a more robust expression of Spring weather.

Single lavender rose in acrylic transparent rose box.
Single Lavender Infinity Rose in Acrylic Rose Box

Pink Spring Flowers

In the language of colour symbolism, each tint denotes and represents a specific occasion. For many years, pink has been the colour to characterise motherhood perfectly.

Annually at this time of year, people gift each other Pink Carnation flowers. So, if you want a rose box representing this tradition, think no further than gorgeous pink eternal roses.

Available in both dark and soft shades, they are a timeless Mother's Day Gift, a choice that will remain with the mum you're gifting for many years to come. Pink itself denotes sympathy, empathy, and appreciation. You can also use it to convey gratitude, femininity, care, and sensitivity. It is linked to motherhood because it implies care, nurture, and calmness.

Pink Infinity Roses in square white matte hatbox
Pink Infinity Roses in White Square Matte Hatbox

Mother's Day Gift for Mum, Delivered Across the World

These beautiful flowers are a choice like no other. Rather than naturally wilting after just a few days, each rose has been naturally preserved for long-lasting, beautiful life. That means that a rose box's simple, caring gift will turn into a gift that is cherished for years as many more Mother's Days will come and go.

These blooms also require very little maintenance. However, they must be kept away from water at all times and should be kept out of direct sunlight. Please click here for further recommendations on how to keep your roses as immaculate years on as they are when they're received.

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