The Most Common Spring Flowers for Mother's Day

The Most Common Spring Flowers for Mother's Day

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The month of March not only brings occasions like Mother's Day, but the start of Spring. And with Spring comes the blossoming of so many beautiful Spring flowers. But what flowers can be seen growing in the Spring?

Tantalising Tulips

Tulips are a common sight in the fields of Holland. They come in almost any colour: red, purple, pink, yellow or white. Today, they're a closely held icon of Dutch pride.

Their dutch roots make Tulips a unique choice in floral arrangements. They have a strong scented fragrance and remind anyone of their presence instantly. Tulips are always a bright and colourful addition to any home and can be a great reminder of all the bright days ahead.

Field of tulips in a variety of Colours
Field of Tulips

Petite Primroses

Primroses are the first flower to bloom in Spring. Their name refers to this. Prim, or primus, is from the Latin word "Prime" or "First". These widespread flowers are always a sign of the oncoming summer days.

Primrose colours are light, pretty and dainty. They evoke feelings of femininity and beauty and make the perfect Mother's Day gift for a mother with a beautiful soul. They're relatively small flowers, making lovely additions to unique floral arrangements.

Primroses may be small but hold an elegant design. Their simplicity is sometimes looked down on; it should be celebrated here. Its 'plain' exterior can add more meaning than the most extravagant of flower blooms.

 Pale yellow Primroses growing from a small shrub in the wild
Pale Yellow Primroses

Vivacious Violets

Violets also bloom early in the springtime. As the name suggests, they tend to be a deep purple colour. However, you can also get violets in blue, yellow, and even bicoloured varieties.

According to the Greeks, the violet is a symbol of fertility and has a historical link as a herbal remedy and fertility rituals. Violets combine all the traditional qualities of motherhood: birth, care, pain relief and comfort and a stunning reminder of comfort and hope.

Violets symbolise modesty but also everlasting love. The Victorians used violets to remind them of their faithfulness to their beloved. Violets blossomed when the angel Gabriel told Mary she would be carrying Jesus.

Violet Blooms growing from a shrubbery
Violet Blooms

Unforgettable Forget-me-nots

Forget-me-nots are no-nonsense flowers that tend to bloom in even the harshest conditions. They're the perfect representation of Spring – a flower that dies in winter is buried in snow, and then blooms back to life in Spring.

They evoke imagery of rising above a struggle. Their very name implies their tenacity and power. Not Forget-me-nots are typically underrated flowers and favoured most a gift paired with a perfume. They also represent resilience in the face of adversity, but there's one flower that has a far deeper cultural meaning.

 Blue and lavender Forget-me-nots growing from stems
Blue & Lavender Forget-me-nots

Delicate Daffodils

The daffodil is an unassuming, bright and bubbly flower. They mostly bloom in the middle of Spring, giving them an almost heraldic significance. These yellow sprouts seem to announce the true arrival of Spring in perpetuity. That symbolism is why many people are happy to see daffodils at the top of this list.

Daffodils usually sprout with bright yellow petals and a bulb of contrasting orange. You could say they look like they were meant to be painted, not planted, which is why they're such a powerful symbol of illness, recovery and cancer.

It's no surprise daffodils are a symbol for dozens of charities. Most of these are especially focused on cancer research. This inspiring factor makes them the perfect flowers for Mother's Day for any mum going through a rough time, or a sick period. These flowers seem to smile like a lion roaring at the sun. They bring power, bravery and peace to any household.

Daffodils are an inspiring vision of happiness and emotion; calm optimism for a brighter future.

 Field of Daffodils in the open air
Daffodils Field

Leaving on Daffodils is important. They give a sense of inspiration for a better world, which makes them wonderful flowers for Mother's Day: they can make a real impact. Too often, every Mother's Day, we see fresh flower cuttings die after a few days of watering.

Eco-Sustainable Flowers For the Future

This year, to surprise your mother, why not give her a dried flower bouquet? Dried flowers have all the energy and scent of fresh flowers with none of the downsides. Forever flowers make a perfect addition to the house for years, not days.

Mother's Day may only last one day, but that doesn't mean their gifts should only last a day. When you buy flowers for Mother's Day from Amaranté, she'll hold them forever in her heart and for many years at home. What is a better gift there than one that continues to put a smile on your mum's face years after she received it?

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