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Our collaboration transformed the bustling station into a blooming paradise, evoking the blissful ambience of a springtime stroll in Washington under its iconic blossom trees.

Blossom trees adorned every corner, enveloping the station in a symphony of delicate petals and fragrant blooms, creating an enchanting paradise of floral wonder. With each tree carefully placed, we aimed to inspire wanderlust and curiosity, encouraging travellers to experience the beauty of Washington's real blossoms firsthand.

We also brought a bespoke cart to this event, crafted in hues of white and pink, mirroring the ethereal beauty of the blossom trees themselves. It stood as a symbol of our dedication to capturing the essence of this exquisite event.

Experience a captivating fusion of Washington charm and London allure as we partnered with the US Travel Tourist Board to transform Kings Cross St. Pancras station with an array of beautiful blossom trees, the perfect replicas of those Washington has become known for during the Spring season.

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